A rebound?The Lakers held two days of high-load training, everyone tired to hang nets to rest

2022-07-13 0 By

Beijing time on February 3, the troubled Los Angeles Lakers finally began to improve their shortcomings from the inside.In the past two days, the lakers have had two rare practices, both at high intensity.The lakers had a heavy team practice yesterday, and today scheduled a shootaround.In fact, so far this season, such a large amount of practice in the Lakers is not common, they have completed 15 team practice, five shooting drills.In an interview with reporters, team coach Vogel mentioned that the Lakers practice yesterday compared to the previous practice, a lot of longer.In a series of photos posted on the Lakers’ official blog, many players end up hanging from the nets, which shows the intensity really coming up.In fact, the lakers coaching staff is not unwilling to arrange frequent and intense training, injury, epidemic and other accidents, so that some of their preparation plan can not fall into the ground, of course, part of this stems from the age problem.”We’re not happy with where we are right now. We have to work harder than we did before to solve this problem,” Vogel was more direct when asked about the game’s shootaround.The lakers, 6-8 in December and January, have lost three in a row, are 3-7 in 10 and have fallen to ninth in the Western Conference.Let’s not get into the playoffs, let alone the championship.