Ant Manor Alpine Skiing Answer Why do alpine skiing competitors touch flags?

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Ant Manor: Why do alpine skiers touch flags while skiing?(A) Choose the shortest route (B) Do not touch will be penalized.Why do alpine skiers touch flags while skiing?The ant Farm answer.Why do alpine skiers touch flags while skiing?This is the title of Ant Manor, about the alpine skiing event, why should the athletes touch the flag in the process of skiing?If you choose the shortest route, you will be penalized for not touching it.Another question, ant manor’s topic is: guess: Beijing Winter Olympics main torch “snowflake”, how to ensure sufficient fuel to continue burning.The answer, the correct answer is: the upper weiya hanging gas road.Why do alpine skiers touch flags during skiing?Answer analysis.Ant Manor Title: Why do alpine skiers touch flags during skiing?The height difference between the start and finish of the downhill is 800 to 1100 meters for men and 500 to 800 meters for women.The length of the route should be designed to ensure that the best times at the Winter Olympics and The World Championships for men are not less than two minutes, and the best times at the Winter Olympics and the World Championships for women are not less than one minute and 40 seconds.In order to ensure the safety of the race, in addition to placing enough red and green flags on both sides of the route, flag gates must also be installed on dangerous sections, ramp transitions and bumpy areas, transition sections and sections where athletes are prone to sliding in the wrong direction.The width of the flag door shall not be less than 8m.The athlete must use at least one front and both feet of the skis to pass the flag gate line in order to pass the flag gate correctly.Large turning areas require undulating terrain.The width must not be less than 30 meters.The height difference between the start and finish line is 500 to 650 meters for men and 350 to 500 meters for women.The width of the flag gate shall be at least 6 meters for opening and 8 to 12 meters for closing.The number of flag gates must not exceed 10% of the height difference, but at least 35 for men and 30 for women.The rotation field is usually inclined and undulating, with a width of at least 30 meters.The height difference between the starting point and the finishing point is 350-400m for men and 260-350m for women.The number of flag gates should be 12~15% of the height difference.The gate is 4 to 8 meters wide.In men’s competition, there should be more than 35 flag gates;There were more than 30 matches for women.On downhill, there are two different jumps from alpine slalom and alpine slalom.There’s only one game.The minimum distance between the flagpoles of the nearest two continuous doors shall not be less than 10m.This project is characterized by speed.In order to glide at speeds of 90-140 kilometers on slopes with an average inclination of 15-30 degrees, athletes need a strong mind and physical strength.There is only one colored sign on the runway.After correctly passing the prescribed course, the final ranking shall be determined according to the order of arrival at the finish line.Based on the first round of skating and the second round of rotation.Cost – benefit calculations are performed on scores for coasting and turning races to obtain rankings.Alpine skiing began as a hunting sport and evolved into a skiing sport.Alpine skiing is mainly influenced by the body’s own gravity, centrifugal force and resultant force.The alpine skiing competition will be held at the National Alpine Skiing Center in Beijing in 2022.Alpine skiing originated in the European Alps, so it is also called alpine skiing.Alpine skiing was gradually developed on the basis of cross-country skiing and has been included in the Winter Olympics since 1936.Winter Olympics now also in a tense, countless Olympic athletes who struggle for won glory for the country, the most let people surprise is our country after zero zero is really too good, like in the outstanding representative of skiing GuAiLing, Su Yi sound, etc., have won one gold and two people, really is the juvenile in the future may issue.When I saw the video of their competition, I felt very handsome, smooth and smooth movements, and finally fell steadily on the snow slope. It was very passionate to watch, but if you watched it at the scene, you would be surprised.We admire the greatness of athletes, because these sports are dangerous to a large extent. Every one of them is covered with scars. For example, Gu Ailing lost her memory briefly when she made mistakes.I believe that when you saw the Winter Olympics, the heart must also arouse the fire of victory, the significance of sports is to constantly challenge the limits of the human body, as long as they can continue to surpass themselves that is the best.Ant Manor answer: Why do alpine skiers touch flags during skiing?Answer: Choose the shortest route and you will lose points if you do not touch it.This is the title of Ant Manor. In alpine skiing, why do athletes touch flags in the course of skiing?Hope you will like it.Want to know more exciting content, quickly to pay attention to the small fat game miscellaneous # Ant manor the latest answer #