Xiao Jingteng announced “LION LION rest group”!Expose force Q quits group insider: very support him

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Reporter WengZiHan/Taipei golden melody blues held yesterday (27) in the background of coffee “is the most favourite birthday meeting”, held at the same time love charity sale, sale items are old shaw’s private clothing and supplies, so many fans coming to on sale or sold out 5 minutes on the first day, day 2 seconds quickly sold out at the same time, the original book 3, charity sale,Due to the end of the sale in advance, the final income is also all donated to the public welfare unit, birthday party, old Xiao’s parents also surprised on the stage, Xiao’s father sang the old song “Red Rose”, the atmosphere is warm.Xiao Jingteng holds birthday meeting”I almost never heard my father sing when I was growing up, until I heard him sing this song at home. Today is the second time I heard my father sing,” xiao said with a smile.During the dinner, HE recalled the moments between father and son: “My father used to be a strict father who did not express his feelings, but he has changed in the past ten years. Thanks to the development of science and technology, we now use communication software to say disgusting words and care about each other, because we are men and would not express our feelings in person.”Fans in the interactive questions asked recently “the LION LION” of the guitar back hand Q group, old shaw said: “in the middle of last year, the force Q told me his idea, I also respect the word immediately support his choice, but also feel very pity. Force Q share a lot of his future plan, so I am really looking forward to his future continues to move toward his ideal!”Xiao also said that the group is very happy, because he has fulfilled his dream before his debut, and also completed a lot of music he wanted to do. “After discussion with the members, we decided to leave the group. We also wish Li Q to continue to shine with his music!”Expressed confidence that the lions will have a chance to return in the near future.Speaking of birthday wishes, Xiao also said: “Live a happy life, comfortable, in the premise of legal do what you want to do, all safe and healthy!”As he couldn’t go to the hospital to visit sick little fans, old xiao suddenly burst into the idea of a “music therapy” : “I have been asking myself, until today I spend so much time playing the guitar every day going to do, also don’t think I can do. Then decide what I want to do some things for some people who really need me to, I want to bring my music to them.”I hope to heal you with music.He also admitted that he had recently met friends who were ill, so he wanted to use music to heal their hearts.He also unveiled his new single “Days of the Sun”.