Three dates another ancient words of the house fighting text explosion fire, super “Peasant girl” “peasant sweet wife” 9.6 on the list

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We always think that life owes us a “satisfaction”, in fact, we owe life a “effort”.Ladies and gentlemen, hello!Xiaowen as a senior bookworm, every day to bring you all kinds of wonderful novels, save your book shortage heart!Three dates and an ancient words house fighting text explosion fire, counter-super “peasant girl” “peasant sweet wife” 9.6 on the list first: “farmer elder sister has space” author: Three datesAlthough she did not eat very well in the end of the world, she had space early and collected a lot of supplies. Even if she was not as free as before the end of the world, she was much better than most people.But here, even before fleeing the famine, the porridge we ate was only full of water, and there was not much rice at all.After fleeing the famine, there was only one meal a day, and it was rare to eat two cents full.”Big sister, good delicious, good smell.”Gu yunshu drank very slowly. He had never eaten such delicious porridge. It was so sweet and delicious.His face was so intoxicated that his mouth swelled and he was reluctant to swallow.Yang herself couldn’t wait to drink two sips and began to carefully feed Gu Yunke.The little girl was not strong enough, but now after eating the porridge, her eyes brightened a little and her corners became curved.”Yummy.”Gu Yundong that moment, inexplicable feel some satisfaction.The feeling was so strange that she could not help clutching her chest.A family of four rare to eat a ‘sumptuous’ dinner, one by one feel very happy, clutching the stomach on the ground do not want to move.Gu Yundong’s stomach is no longer on fire, his strength has also been, finally began to have the power to think of the next road.Now they had no shortage of food, and there was enough in her room to sustain them to the comparatively rich city.But without transportation, it must have been slow.The other is still easy to say, the most worried, or afraid of pirates and hungry ruthless homeless people, this is the biggest crisis along the way.Especially the two adult men in their family, in the eyes of others is easy to bully, easy to become the target of those who have evil intentions.It seemed that they could not take the road again, at least not where there were people.When they left home, Gu Dajiang had told her the route and direction of several nearby cities, and she knew more or less.Speaking of Gu Dajiang, I do not know whether he is alive or dead or where he is now.Gu Yunshu also missed his father, especially after a good meal.The little hand could not help wiping his eyes, leaning back his big head, trying not to shed tears.As soon as Gu Yundong turned round, he looked as if his head was going to break off, and felt quite frightened.Priority: Most of the villages are mud – walled houses, but also thatched houses.She was the only one with a well.Old Xia’s house was a brand new siheyuan, with mud walls and a tiled roof, built only three years ago.At the beginning of the summer old man hunting injury, the old Summer family relying on selling his daughter’s six ounces of silver, just bought an acre of land, and dug wild vegetables everywhere, looking for relatives to borrow money just did not starve to death.When Xia Zhu and Xia Tie were older, she sent them to apprenticeship again.Although they didn’t earn much money, the old couple was always relieved that their little boy wasn’t at home for dinner.Later, in order to marry his two sons, he married his second daughter, Xia Meiniang, who was just 13 years old, to a neighboring county.Or in the Xia family holding the daughter back to the small village, the summer home life was gradually better.That year, Xialanniang suddenly returned home with a child.She said that she had been sold to an official’s family in the capital as a maid. A few years later, because of her desperate efforts, she rescued her young master from the river. The master graciously rewarded her with some silver, returned her bond of slavery, and married her to a scholar in the suburbs of the capital.Only a few days after she gave birth, the man fell ill and died.Because the Xia family was a girl, her husband’s family did not like.When the men died, her in-laws hated them even more, saying they were jinxes.In addition, when she was married to her husband’s family, her husband’s family was condemned and sent into exile. Not only did they not reach a higher branch, but they were afraid of being involved in the marriage, so they divorced her and drove her daughter out with them.Xia had no family in Beijing and had to take her daughter back to her mother’s home to live.Fortunately, when she left the family of the official, they had given her some silver.She was very sad and said that since her husband’s family did not want her daughter, the girl would be named Xia after her.The Xia family has a close in the county official when the clerk, xia not only spent money to himself and his daughter on the household, but also spent money to let Xia Zhu and Xia Tie opened a butcher and iron shop.Xia Zhu and Xia Tie were also able. A few years later, they bought another mu of land and built the yard.The courtyard was larger than the one where Summer had left his house. There were five rooms in the upper room, four in the east and four in the west, and four in the back room.The old couple lived in the upper room with Xia Shan, who was a soldier. Xia Zhu lived in the east wing, and Xia Tie lived in the west wing. The inverted seat was the kitchen and the wood room and the barn.(click below free reading) the third: “Farm door sweet wife” author: baiyun wonderful excerpt priority: Xiao 烮 turned back to the house to do breakfast, cloud wine continues to plow.She was a girl of strange strength, indeed, and that hard ground she turned over in two strokes.”Xuan ye, there can you get some fertilizer, this is too thin, estimate the kind of food is not good.”Cloud wine is good at planting.She grew up in the countryside and later moved to the city to work. She fell in love with gardening and grew lots of flowers and balcony vegetables where she lived.With these skills in hand, she is confident about living in the tang Dynasty 5,000 years ago.”Yes, but there is nothing to change. Do you want to fish?”He was hanging around.Cloud wine thought of fishing, she could not help but look up and sigh, come again!But it seems that she has no better choice, after all, to dig wild vegetables value is too low, fish can exchange more things.So, after breakfast, cloud wine on the lake and began to fish.”You don’t run around at home, I will go into the mountain today to pick some medicine.”Xiao 烮 carrying his medicine basket came to the lake explained.Cloud wine heard he wanted to enter the mountain, eyes a bright, there is a home not at home, she can do things of excitement.”Yeah, I see.”Cloud small wine honest answer, but xiao 烮 know her unusual excitement.See her eyes without a trace of loathe to give up, xiao 烮 frowned, depressed turned around into the mountain.In the old days, she would have stuck on it.Aye…”I’m confused.”Xiao 烮 in the heart chuckle, she is not her.Xiao 烮 a walk, xuan ye jumped out.”The man is not here. We must fish quickly and then change the good things.”His blue eyes glowed with excitement when Lord Hyun wanted his luxurious bed and delicious food.(Click below to read for free) Wonderful, imagination, read these novels, is not still a little bit of desire, also please help to like, favorites, follow, forward, thank you, welcome to comment below!