Shiji: Why did the grand occasion of “the reign of wenjing” be attributed to veteran generals of the Han Dynasty

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Introduction to Volume 10 of Shiji xiaowen Benji focuses on emperor Xiaowen’s accession to the throne, administration of state affairs and several important events of his family, as well as his funeral. It records all kinds of benevolent policies carried out by Emperor Wen of Han during his twenty-three years in power due to his noble moral character, and depicts the image of a sage monarch for the world.The author extolled the prosperity of the country’s moral industry during the reign of Emperor Xiaowen, revealing the profound truth that “a man of good moral character who runs the country for 100 years can also overcome cruelty and abolish torture and killing”.This article will share with you that emperor Wen of the Han dynasty was able to be welcomed and elevated as a new generation of emperor due to the loyalty, insight and devotion of the noble spirit of the generals around Emperor Gao, such as Chen Ping and Zhou Bo.1. Did the central ministers welcome Emperor Xiaowen for their own sake or for the public?Zhang Wu and others argued, “All the ministers of the Han dynasty were generals, soldiers and cheats in the days of Emperor Gao, and they were especially afraid of Emperor Gao and Empress Dowager Lu.Now zhu Lu has been put to death, the new 啑 blood jing shi, this is to welcome your Majesty as the name, it is not credible.I wish your Majesty to observe the changes of the situation by saying no to illness.”Lieutenant Song Changjin said, “All the ministers are wrong.Fu Qin lost its administration, and the jie of various princes, everyone thought he had tens of thousands of people, but when he exercised the throne of the son of Heaven, Liu shi also, the world despair, one.Gao Di conferred on wang’s children, and made them both part of the same land. The so called Pan Shi Zong is also served in both places.Han Xing, in addition to qin’s tyranny, about the law, Shi Dehui, everyone from peace, difficult to shake, three yi.However, taiwei joined the Northern army with one section, and all the generals were named Liu Shi. He defected to Zhu Lu and killed her.This is a gift, not a human hand.Although the minister wants to change, the people are so that the party can rather be single-minded evil?Inside are zhu Xu and Dongmu; outside, they are afraid of Wu, Chu, Huainan, Langye, Qi, Xinjiang.The king of Huainan and your Majesty are alone. Your majesty is long and wise and filial. Therefore, the minister wants to welcome your establishment because of the heart of the world.Empress Dowager Lu died, lv housekeeping usurped power rebellion.After some deliberation, they decided to appoint Liu Heng, the fourth son of Han Gaozu as emperor.The prime minister Chen Ping and The Commander Zhou Bo sent people to meet Liu Heng.Liu Heng asked about this matter and the advice of zhang Wu, lang Zhongling and others.As a result, there were two conclusions. First, Zhang Wu and others argued, “The ministers of the court were all generals in the time of Emperor Gao. They were skilled in military affairs and were skillful in tricks.Now they have just destroyed Zhu Lu and spilled blood into the capital. Nominally speaking, they are welcoming your Majesty, but in fact, they should not be trusted.I hope your Majesty will not go there under the pretext of illness, so that we can observe how they will change.”That is to say, the court minister is gaozu when the side of the general counsellor, familiar with military affairs, cunning;This act of welcoming liu Heng as emperor must have some other ulterior selfish purpose.In the second conclusion, Lieutenant Song Chang advised: “The opinions of the ministers are all wrong.At the beginning of the Qin Dynasty political chaos, princes and heroes rose up one after another, the number of people who thought they could take over the world was tens of thousands, but finally ascended the throne of the son of Heaven is Liu, the world heroes no longer have the hope of being emperor, this is the first point.Emperor Gao granted the sons of the Liu family the title of Kings, and the fiefs interlaced and restricted each other like canine teeth. This is the ancient saying that the clan was as strong as a rock. People all over the world were impressed by the strength of the Liu family.After the establishment of the Han Dynasty, the Government abolished the harsh decrees of the Qin Dynasty and negotiated new decrees with the people, so that the people could not be shaken. This was the third point.Moreover, by virtue of the majesty of the Empress lu, three of the Lu family had already been appointed as Kings, controlling the government and acting arbitrarily. However, the Commander of the Imperial Court entered the Northern army controlled by the Lu family, and with only a call, the soldiers bare their left arm, saying that they would assist the Liu family and abandon the Lu family, and finally destroyed Zhu Lu.This is an act of providence, not of man.Now, even if the ministers wanted to stir up trouble, the people would not listen to them. How could their followers be of one mind?Now there were such relatives as Marquis Zhu Xu and Marquis Dongmu in the capital, and outside the capital there were such powerful princes as Wu, Chu, Huainan, Langxie, Qi and Dai, all of whom were afraid of them.Now only the King of Huainan and You are left as the sons of Emperor Gao. As you are old and famous for your sage, benevolence and filial piety, your ministers want to appoint you as emperor according to the wishes of all the people in the world. You don’t have to doubt it.”That is to say, based on the above four reasons, the court officials welcomed Liu Heng as emperor, and selfless plans, but for the people’s livelihood, is the people’s desire.Historical facts prove that the conclusion of Song Chang, the lieutenant beside Liu Heng, is correct: When Emperor Gaozu stood by the covenant, loyally protected the Lord, had the interests of the nation in mind and had a unique vision, and welcomed Liu Heng as emperor, thus creating a prosperous era of “the rule of cultural Landscape”.Two, welcome xiaowen emperor, is to set things right, but also have a unique vision of the special affairs to virtue of the people, is rich in the sea, xing in etiquette.Emperor Wen devoted himself to influencing his subjects with kindness and virtue, so the world became rich and the proprieties flourished.Because of the peasant wars at the end of The Qin dynasty and the four years of war between Chu and Han, the social productivity was seriously damaged, resulting in the early western Han people’s life was very poor.It is recorded in the history books that the people could not produce on the land, and there was famine everywhere. More than half of the people died, and even cannibalism occurred.At that time, even the emperor could not ride in a carriage drawn by four horses of one color. Generals and ministers could only ride in oxcarts.Faced with such a situation, Liu Bang, emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, took the method of recuperation to govern the country. He ordered soldiers to remove their armor and return to their homes, freeing them from corp.Labor, focusing on agriculture and suppressing commerce, and devoted himself to restoring the ruined society and economy.Especially during the despotic period of The Reign of Empress Lu, she continued to use the policy of rest and recuperation, which played a great role in securing the state and developing the economy at that time.However, due to the influence of Empress Lu’s efforts to hold power for the Lu clan, the death of Empress Lu led to the outbreak of the Chaos of Zhu Lu. The prime minister Chen Ping, The Imperial commander Zhou Bo and the royal officials including Zhu Xu Liu Zhang executed zhu Lu and welcomed Liu Heng as emperor, which was known as emperor Wen of Han in history.Later, Liu Qi, emperor Jingdi of the Han Dynasty ascended to the throne.Emperor Wen of Han was thrifty by nature, restrained the extravagance of aristocrats and controlled state expenditure.They attached great importance to agriculture, advocated the principle of “bringing virtue to the people”, and adopted the policy of quietness and not disturbing the people, thus creating a stable society and prosperity for the people.Therefore, the history of the famous “wenjing governance” : 180 BC – 141 BC in the early Han Dynasty, in the reign of Emperor Wen and Emperor Jing.During the period of Wenjing, frugality was advocated and morality was emphasized, so the society was relatively stable and the economy developed.It has always been regarded as the “heyday” of the feudal society, known as “the governance of cultural landscape”.According to The Book of The Empress Dowager Lu, the main reason for Chen Ping and Zhou Bo to kill Zhu Lu and pacify the Han Dynasty was to abide by the covenant of Han Gaozu: “If the king is not liu, the whole world will fight against him.”This means respecting and paying attention to the “way of Heaven”.To welcome the successor of the emperor, it is to follow the following principle: first, from the kinship of the monarch to seek the source;Principle two, based on the virtues of the candidate’s mother’s family;Rule three, according to the candidate’s own merit.This is to grasp the most important in the problem.Finally, liu Heng, the fourth son of Han Gaozu, became emperor Xiaowen.Thus created the beginning of “the governance of cultural landscape”.From this historical fact, let us see the importance of a generation of loyal officials open-minded, selfless, full of wisdom.It is not only the blessing of Hengao Zu to know how to make good use of people, but also the blessing of the country.At the same time, to seek the success and sustainable development of a career, not only rely on individual talent, heroism;Talented people, valuable team spirit, common cause of struggle for the same goal;Also important.Precious little time yue read, and you view the ancient thinking today, a total of life.Want to know more exciting content, please pay attention to read the # hundred search keywords #