Jinyun anti cheat diary | a minute every day, cheats a sieve (February 18)

2022-07-11 0 By

On February 18th, one person in Jinyun County suffered from telecom and network fraud and lost a total amount of more than 9,000 yuan. Jinyun anti-fraud diary Date: February 18th1. A man in Qili township downloaded the dating App xingaiba, and in order to get a date with a woman, he brushed the order according to customer service requirements.At the beginning of the brush withdrawal of principal and a little commission, and then the other side for operating errors to continue to brush the bill to withdraw, was defrauded of 9,828 yuan.Police remind: this kind of compound fraud means has happened many times.Make friends on the Internet carefully, keep a clear head, do clean, do not fall into the trap set by fraudsters.This month, Jinyun County, a total of 16 cases of total loss of more than 320,000 yuan since this year, Jinyun County, a total of 59 cases of total loss of more than 2.37 million yuan despite the fraud of ten million changes, I do not pay for ten million change audit