Funing District, Qinhuangdao City, made good use of start-up guaranteed loans to promote employment

2022-07-11 0 By

In order to thoroughly implement the activities of “three overall planning, three expansion and four creation”, Funing District of Qinhuangdao city insists on placing the expansion of employment in an important position, and promotes the implementation of the activities with the start-up guaranteed loan as the breakthrough point.So far, 38 start-up guarantee loans have been granted to individuals totaling 7.55 million yuan and one to small and micro enterprises totaling 1.45 million yuan, creating 145 jobs.Expand publicity and create atmosphere.Various publicity activities have been carried out to explain to the masses face-to-face the application conditions, application procedures, capital use requirements, discount interest policies and other relevant contents of start-up guarantee loans, answering questions and clarifying doubts. More than 300 copies of publicity materials have been distributed.A policy display board is set up in the lobby of the employment service center on the first floor of the district, and a “Clear card of Entrepreneurship Guarantee Loan Policy” is made, so that entrepreneurs can fully understand the latest policy of entrepreneurship guarantee loan and enjoy policy support.We will continue to improve our services.Organized symposiums for many times, deeply understood the actual needs of entrepreneurs, simplified procedures, and supported all kinds of groups with entrepreneurial intention to start their own businesses, forming a strong force of all levels and departments in the district to care about and support the work of entrepreneurial guarantee loans.We will actively seek discount interest funds from higher levels to provide financial discount interest for start-up guaranteed loans, so as to fundamentally reduce the loan burden of entrepreneurs.Eligible individuals and small and micro enterprises will be given the maximum amount of 200,000 yuan and 3 million yuan, respectively, for three years and two years of start-up guaranteed loan discount.Strict standards to prevent risks.In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of fraudulent loans and reduce loan risks, strict standards are applied to verify and inspect business start-up loan applicants, and qualified applicants are included in the loan granting object to ensure the accuracy of loan issuance and maximize the role of business start-up guarantee loans in promoting entrepreneurship and employment.Source: Funing issued attention to Hebei News network, understand the latest news in Hebei.