Do what you say!China’s first gold medal

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The short track mixed team relay was the highlight of the first day of speed skating.The sport, making its Winter Olympics debut, has no shortage of talent.Seven teams have won gold MEDALS in the short track Speed skating World Cup.China’s “strongest” team of Qu Chunyu, Fan Kexin, Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei showed good form in the opening quarter-finals and finished first in 2:37.535, setting an Olympic record.However, that record was soon eclipsed by the Netherlands, who topped group 2.However, in the semifinals, the Netherlands made a major mistake and dropped out of the gold medal race.In the second group of the semifinals, China will directly face the equally strong Hungary.Sure enough, Hungary started fastest and took the lead, followed by China.But the Americans took advantage of a handoff in which The Chinese were interrupted by American and Russian athletes.After the referee’s review, the first two teams were disqualified one after another, and The Chinese team was judged to enter the final.The final between China, Hungary, Canada and Italy was extremely competitive, with the dominant Fan Kexin serving as the first leg, but the Chinese team did not take the lead at the beginning.But instead of being impatient, the Chinese team grasped every detail of the baton exchange.Finally, Qu Chunyu on two knives to complete beyond, The Chinese team rose to the second.With five laps to go, the Canadians and Hungarians collided and both went off the track, but Van Kexin used his speed to extend his lead.Finally, Wu Dajing took the lead across the finish line in 2 minutes 37.348 seconds, the Chinese short track speed skating team to win the first gold medal of the delegation.Italy finished second in 2:37.364.After the game, the Chinese team high-fives each other, passionate embrace “said!Did it!””Is the most common sentence uttered by the players.China, widely touted as the favorite before the games, overcame the pressure to win the gold medal at home after scoring three goals in an hour.The mixed team short-track speed skating relay is one of seven new events to be added to the Beijing Games, and the final was held on the first gold medal day since the opening ceremony, underscoring China’s desire for a gold medal.From the 2021-2022 short track Speed skating World Cup series, the mixed team relay is currently one of the most powerful events of the Chinese team, but also the most stable project of the Chinese team.In the four sub-competitions, China team reached the finals in this event, winning 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze MEDALS.Looking back at the four world Cups, China’s line-up in the final was different.Team China, consisting of Fan Kexin, Zhang Yuting, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing, led the way to win the first race in Beijing.In Nagoya, China had the same line-up as in Beijing, but lost the lead when Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing exchanged the baton for the first time. Fan Kexin was overtaken to third and Zhang Yuting to second.Ren ziwei and Wu Dajing dropped to third place again at the second baton exchange, but Wu dajing rallied to take the silver.In the third race in Hungary, head coach Jin Shandai fine-tuned China’s lineup, with Sun Long serving as the fourth rod instead of Wu Dajing in the final.The Chinese team led all the way and won with the wind at its back.At the end of November, In the fourth race in the Netherlands, China replaced Zhang Yuting with Zhang Chutong and joined Up with Fan Kexin, Ren Ziwei and Sun Long. Fan started third and fell to fourth when Sun long and Fan Kexin took the baton before the Russians crashed and China took bronze.From the four races, Ren Ziwei and Fan Kexin are the absolute main force in the mixed team relay project, in the other two baton selection, Kim Seon-tai has made different attempts.In this event, China team strength, but South Korea, Hungary, the Netherlands, Canada and other teams are not ordinary, they are also full of expectations for this new gold medal.Short track speed skating can change so quickly that anything can happen before the end of the race and the judges confirm the final result.Our reporter: Guo Biwen our reporter: Zhong Liang Supervised production: Guo Biwen Audit: Tang Yihong Sports Tribune reporter: Guo Biwen zhong Liang