Could there be a “new situation” following the stabilization of cigarette prices?What does the insider say

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Introduction For many people nowadays, smoking is a very normal thing.Even if you don’t smoke, you are sure to have friends who do.According to incomplete statistics, the number of smokers in China is as high as 300 million, which means that if you pick up four people on the side of the road, one of them is bound to smoke.Many people also know that smoking is not good for their health, but they just can’t quit their addiction.Although some people also refuse to smoke, but in some occasions, it is unavoidable to smoke second-hand.So the state has been trying to control the number of smokers in our country.So how will smokers be affected by “new developments” following price stabilization?Let’s see what the insiders have to say.As early as in the plan issued by the government, we can clearly see that the state and the government will gradually carry out tobacco control measures in the future.In the planning process, we can also know the goals of government departments.By 2030, the proportion of smokers over the age of 15 in China’s total population should be controlled below 20 percent.So is it easy to achieve?Given the current situation, many experts agree that this goal will be difficult to achieve.According to relevant surveys, the number of smokers in China has been on the rise in recent years, and the number of smokers is increasing every year.So what kind of measures can be taken to effectively control the number of smoking groups in China?In order to achieve the goals in the plan, many experts have also put forward their own suggestions and ideas.Combining these suggestions, we find that many experts agree that the price of cigarettes should be raised.Experts predict that if the price of cigarettes is raised, smokers will have to pay more for cigarettes.Under economic pressure, smokers may be forced to buy fewer cigarettes.From the perspective of feasibility, this method does have a certain sense, then it can control the effect of smoking groups?In fact, the effect of higher cigarette prices on smoking is not necessarily as obvious as we think.If you have the habit of smoking, you should understand that there are few cigarette brands under 10 yuan in China’s domestic tobacco market.Today’s cigarette prices are several times higher than they were a decade ago.Why did domestic cigarette prices rise in the past few years?This is because in previous years, the country has also figured out how to control the size of the smoking population by raising the price of cigarettes.According to relevant information, as early as 2015, the state raised the tax rate of tobacco from 5% to 11%, and levied an additional tax of 0.005 yuan per cigarette.Under the control of relevant departments, China’s tax rate on tobacco has been rising in recent years, which also indirectly affects the increase of cigarette prices.So did the increase in the price of cigarettes in the past few years play a role in controlling the number of smokers in China?Statistically, the effect was negligible.After all, for many smokers, sometimes a pack of cigarettes can take a long time to smoke, and if the price of cigarettes increases, smokers just need to smoke less to solve the problem of increased economic pressure.Therefore, increasing the price of cigarettes can only play a supplementary role in the purpose of tobacco control. In order to control the smoking population in China, the following methods should be adopted.The first is to raise awareness among residents themselves.Although many people know that smoking is bad for their health, they don’t know how bad it really is.Therefore, corresponding popular science activities should be regularly held to let the public understand the harm of cigarettes and establish the public’s psychological rejection of cigarettes.In addition, according to relevant data, many smokers have the habit of smoking before they are minors.Underage smoking is a very common phenomenon in Our country, and many of them are actually curious or lured by their elders to take up smoking.So parents should also carry out proper tobacco education for their children, so that children understand the dangers of smoking.Finally, although smoking behavior cannot be completely eliminated, it should be regulated.For example, smoking should be strictly prohibited in public places.After all, second-hand smoke is also harmful to other people’s health. Once you are found smoking in public places, you should be fined and punished accordingly.Conclusion Therefore, there is no way to control the size of smoking groups in China only by raising the price of cigarettes.In order to control the size of the smoking population in China, a variety of methods are needed to achieve great results.Control is not an overnight thing, so we need to be patient and work slowly.Today’s topic: 300 million smokers are suffering from insomnia.After the price of cigarettes did not rise, there was a “new situation”, which was strictly investigated across the country