Rest assured!We’re at home!The leaders of Qinhuangdao Second Hospital visited the families of the winter Olympics security team members

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On February 4th, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games met with the beautiful start of Spring. At the same time, in zhangjiakou, an ice and snow resort, six staff from the medical department of Qinhuangdao Second Hospital stood firm at the site of the Winter Olympic Games.On the same day, the leaders of Qinhuangdao No. 2 Hospital visited the families of the Olympic security personnel and expressed their high respect and heartfelt gratitude to the medical staff and their families for their commitment to the Olympic security posts.It is reported that on January 15th, 17th and 23rd, six young medical staff from qinhuangdao Second Hospital set out in three groups to zhangjiakou, the ice and snow resort, to complete another sacred mission.”Your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters are not spending this Spring Festival with their families. They are doing their country a service. Thank you.They are all outstanding young people and bear a heavy burden for the hospital, especially for this time, which will last for more than three months. If you have any difficulties in your family, please feel free to ask for help and we will try our best to solve them.”On the morning of February 4th, Zheng Yue, president of the Second Hospital, led the leaders of the hospital and volunteers of the branch to visit the families of 6 medical staff.A cordial greetings, expressing the care of the hospital;She warm words, the transmission of infinite love.The interviewed family members also said that as medical personnel, it is their bounden responsibility to carry out the tasks assigned by the hospital. As long as the motherland needs, the family supports them and fully obeys them.The concern of the leadership is more encouraging the players, they said: please rest assured that parents, I am good here, do not miss!Please rest assured that your support can let me bear all the hard work!Please rest assured, thank you for giving us this precious exercise opportunity, we will try our best to complete the task successfully, to the hospital to hand in a satisfactory answer!We have learned, the second hospital of qinhuangdao branch volunteers will for every bag, families with six security personnel do their “family”, to help take care of old people and children in the home, remove their worries, fully support them at the winter Olympic Games security work, let them in the games security work more safely and securely.(Song Yijing)