Putin starts playing, Ukraine may be in crisis, THE US calls for a sit-down, China is forced to take sides

2022-07-10 0 By

Putin amplifies Ukraine’s threat?In the face of rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia, the US called on Russia to sit down and talk, while China was forced to take sides.The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has drawn the attention of many countries around the world, and everyone is watching whether the situation between Ukraine and Russia will deteriorate further.According to the information released by the Ukrainian government some time ago, the current situation in Ukraine is precarious, and Russia has stationed more than 130,000 troops in the border area.Russia has also recently sent large amounts of military equipment to the Belarusian border.In addition to normal weapons and ammunition, heavy weapons, missile launch systems have also been delivered to the Belarusian border, and Russian air and missile units are on their way.According to Russian leaks, a large shipment of weapons and ammunition has been made along the Border in preparation for a large-scale military exercise on the border.According to experts, Russia chose the Belarusian border for a purpose. It is not only close to Ukraine, but also close to Poland and Lithuania. Putin clearly wants to use the exercise to intimidate NATO, which has been involved in Ukraine and Russia.In the face of such tensions, Ukraine’s president has repeatedly appealed for help from the United States, which is behind all this.The United States, however, does not care whether Ukraine lives or dies and has told Ukraine that military action against Russia is premature.And promised to take “severe measures” if Ukraine was “invaded” by Russia.There have been several previous talks between Russia and the United States over Ukraine that have ended in acrimony.In the face of Russia’s move, the White House has opted for a soft approach.He expressed the hope that Russia could calm down and resolve the current dilemma between Ukraine and Russia through peaceful negotiations.In the case of Ukraine and Russia issue so intense, the Western media have not been idle, in wantonly hyping Russia is the “aggressor” at the same time, but also to China’s “coercion”.Recently, foreign journalists asked Whether China was concerned about Russia’s military “aggression” in Ukraine.This question is obviously a trap. No matter whether the answer is yes or no, the Western media can take this as an opportunity to drive a wedge between China and Russia.In response to questions from western journalists, The Chinese side said that it adheres to its consistent position on the Ukrainian issue, advocates balanced and fair treatment, and calls for resolving differences through dialogue and consultation.Pressed by western journalists, China did not take sides, as he had hoped.However, China is not indifferent to The situation of Russia. Because of the Russia-Ukraine issue, Russia has been subjected to economic sanctions by the United States, but Russia has not been greatly affected, because of the role of Bilateral trade between China and Russia.With the continuous deepening of economic cooperation between China and Russia, the United States of Russia’s sanctions have been difficult to play an effect, with The support of China’s trade, Russia has regained the initiative to negotiate with the United States, I believe that before long, Russia will be out of the current situation.