Guy rides 8,000 li home for Chinese New Year, ‘Finds what I was looking for before I set out’

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Le Xiaoyun returned to Fengjie county seat to reunite with her parents ahead of the Spring Festival on Jan 27, 2022.On January 31, it is the eve of the Year of The Yin Tiger, The Year of The Yin Tiger.It snowed a few days ago in Caotang Town, Fengjie County, Chongqing. The snow only reached the top of the mountain, and the snow line could not even extend to the mountainside.He wondered if his partner, Hot pot er, would think of the qilian Mountains when he saw the white peaks.Le xiaoyun took the horse, named Hotpot Er, 4,400 kilometers from Horgos in Xinjiang province to her hometown of Fengjie.One man and one horse, passing through Zhaosu, from the north section of the duku highway over the Tianshan Mountains, through jiayuguan pass, through the Hexi corridor.Le Xiaoyun spent his 29th birthday on the Qilian Mountains. His “hot pot” broke eight pairs of horseshoes. Finally, they completed the long journey from the Qinling Mountains to Sichuan and Chongqing.On New Year’s Eve, Le xiaoyun got up in the morning, fed the “hot pot” grass, and then drove more than an hour back to his hometown to rejoin his family and eat a big feast.Because of the arduous and romantic journey, Le xiaoyun became a “celebrity” far away, with many people asking him “where’s the horse?”But what the elders asked him most was how sad he had been on the road.After dinner, Le xiaoyun returned to the hot pot.It was their first New Year’s Eve together.Le xiaoyun lives in Fengjie County, Chongqing. Her family lives in the county seat. Her grandparents live in caotang Town, their hometown.According to the old rules, every year where the group year, are the old people decide, basically four children in the family round.This year, the old people decided to spend the year in their hometown.When the next generation came back from all directions, le Xiaoyun was busy with her family.”We used to kill the New Year pig at home, but now our grandparents don’t feed the pig, so we go to another place to buy it.”A few days ago, he went to Wanzhou to pick up his sister home, these two days also busy helping the family to buy a variety of goods, until the New Year’s Eve this day, the family mostly back to the town of Caotang.”Four generations, the most complete ever.”Le said it was the “most successful year” in recent years.After 9 a.m., he fed his horses and set off from Fengjie county for his hometown.At home, the highlight of the New Year’s Eve dinner is arranged at noon, more than ten dishes a table, put a full three tables.Young and old gathered to ask how each other was doing.January 31, 2022, Le Xiaoyun’s New Year’s Eve dinner.Le Xiaoyun was constantly asked about her journey back to Chongqing from Xinjiang.How he remembered to do it, what he met along the way…My peers are more curious, and their elders “love me how much I have suffered all the way”.It wrapped him up as warm as if he were sitting at the hearth at home.The snow on the Qilian Mountains is a distant memory, and the shadow of the wolves on the Duku road is as light as a water mark.After dinner, he went out with his Cousins to play artillery fireworks as usual, he liked to wipe the cannon, love to listen to the sound.It was so different from his lonely journey through mountains and rivers. The sound of artillery and greetings, the clatter of cooking dishes by villagers, even the clatter of playing mahjong — the feeling of home was so clear that he had finished his journey.Not only was his horse always on his mind when he returned home, but in every house he was almost certain to be asked about his eight-thousand-mile journey.”More people ask about hotpot than me.”Le Xiaoyun laughed. “It’s much more famous than me. Everyone likes it.””Ride young for a long time!”Le Xiaoyun’s hometown is halfway up the mountain, five or six hundred meters above sea level.Snow had fallen on the top of the mountain the other day, but the temperature was so high that the snow line did not extend to the village.He looked at the snow on the tip of the mountain and shuddered. “I feel cold when I look at snow now.It was frozen in Gansu before.”He was talking about when he was in The Qilian Mountains, in Panshanling town, he was trapped by the epidemic for several days, living in an abandoned house outside the town, freezing in the cold, and surviving only with the help of local people who helped him deliver food and drink.Looking at the trace of snow in the sun on the mountain tip, he thought of The Qilian Mountains and turned to smile again: “The snow in Chongqing is easy to play with.”On New Year’s Eve, the sun came out.As the day passed, the shadow of spring seemed closer.On the afternoon of January 31, le xiaoyun was talking on the phone in the village when an aunt passed by and he exchanged pleasantries with her.”You just came back from Xinjiang by bike?””Asked aunt in a very curious voice.”Why ride a bike? Ride a horse.”The man next to her corrected her.”I was told two days ago that a gentleman was riding home on a feast day,” the aunt continued briskly. “I looked at him and said he was my nephew.God, that’s been a long ride!”Curious, she continued, “What about horses?”Le Xiaoyun obediently answered, ma settled in the outside, did not bring home.He had just fed his horses in the morning, “first for grain, then for a while to hang.”He explained in detail what “hanging for a while” meant: “You tie the REINS so high that they hold their heads up so that they can’t reach the grass.A horse has a straight gut. If it eats grain and grazes immediately, it will soon pull out.Plus, it keeps him motivated to run.”Le Xiaoyun and “hot pot” on the road photo.After the interviewercame back from Xinjiang, there was no particularly good place to place “hot pot son” for a while. The boss of a furniture factory in the county saw his live broadcast and said that the horse could be temporarily kept in the factory.”The factory is big and monitored.I can run and play with him every day, and at night I feel at ease.”Le xiaoyun slept in the factory every day. For the first few days, he set up a tent just like he used to in the wild. Later, he was able to sleep in a room, and he still instinctively took care not to be too far away from the hot pot.This is a habit formed in more than half a year.After feeding the horse and playing with it for a while, Le Xiaoyun prepared the material for noon and asked the furniture factory boss to help feed him at noon before he could drive back to his hometown with confidence.At noon in the hometown to eat a big dinner, Le Xiaoyun thought after dinner will drive back to the factory to accompany “hot pot son.”He always felt lonely if he was not there.”But as long as I have time, I want to play with him.””I found what I was looking for before I set out.” Only two or three days before arriving in Fengjie county did Le xiaoyun tell her mother that he was going home — riding a horse — after a 4,400km journey from Horgos.He never dared to tell his mother, even when she called him on his 29th birthday in The Qilian Mountains.But now it is hard to hide, interviews are pouring in, his video account fans have more than 100,000, fengjie county has a lot of people know this “eight thousand li walk alone riding” young man.”A lot of my relatives know about it, too. If I don’t tell my mother, she’ll hear about it from someone else, which will be terrible,” le said.On January 1 and 27, Le Xiaoyun returned to Fengjie county seat on horseback.The scene was very lively, many people gathered in the small square to watch, mom and dad are waiting for him here.”My mother looked very calm before I got off the horse. I got off the horse and my mother hugged me and started crying.”He remembered that his father had never hugged him before, and at this moment the family hugged.”I got everything I wanted from this journey before I left.”Le Xiaoyun felt that before setting out, what he did was anticlimactic, lack of resilience, “walk all the way, then want to exercise their purpose, completely achieved.Your horizons are wide and your options are wide.On the way I was thinking, we are really step by step to walk more than 4000 kilometers, if I can walk back, in my eyes there is no difficult, as long as I walk in this direction, will be able to achieve the goal.Every step is one less step and one step closer to the goal.””If I give up this trip, I am nothing. I despise myself.I want to prove that I’m not bad, that I can, that I can do it.”With each step closer to home, Le xiaoyun is becoming more and more famous.”I don’t think it’s anything serious.”He even misses the early days when people didn’t pay much attention to him. At that time, he just wanted to tell friends that he was safe and talk to people on the road.Now, with so many people watching him, he feels a bit deprived of his freedom.There were endless questions in the studio and he had to keep answering them.He was tired of answering the same questions every day.”If I don’t go live, people are going to urge me again.I mean well, and I’m sorry to disappoint them.”He felt that all this will be flat, “this is inevitable, I can not in order to attract attention, deliberately with ‘hot pot son’ to go such a long distance.”Hot pot is on the way.After the interviewermade his name, some job opportunities were presented to him, and he considered them carefully.”We also need to survive.If someone offers me an olive branch, I’ll do it if it’s appropriate, and I won’t pay for it if it’s not.”Since returning home on January 27, Le xiaoyun still sleeps with her hotpot every night.”I’m not around all of a sudden at night. I’m afraid it won’t be used to looking for me.”He sent seven bales of grass from Inner Mongolia to Chongqing, a total of 600 jin, only enough to eat for a month.The horse food had to be sent by express mail, and he had only corn to eat for the time being, and he had been searching for bran and carrots for two days.With the festival in the past, the life of the family to return to the track operation, a few days later, Le Xiaoyun’s parents to return to Shenzhen to continue to work, son what plan, mother has not talked with Le Xiaoyun.But her son did accomplish something she found “incredible,” which made her feel both scared and proud.The last day of the Year of the Ox, in the quiet almost unmanned factory area, Le Xiaoyun accompanied “hot pot son”, one person a horse snuggled up to see the fireworks over the sky on New Year’s Eve.”May everything that you wish and think be true.””He wrote on his moments, surrounded by clusters of fire-tree honeysuckle flowers.It was their first New Year’s Eve together.Beijing News reporter Yang Xue edited by Hu Jie proofread by Zhao Lin