The person that smokes for a long time however insists to drink tea again, how can the body be afterwards?The doctor gave the answer

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Nowadays smoking seems to have become a normal life, more and more people have joined the ranks of smoking, including some teenagers and children, originally with the psychological try, but did not expect to be infected with smoking addiction seriously damaged the new healthy development.According to the report released by the National Health Commission, the number of smokers in China has now exceeded 350 million, and the number of deaths caused by smoking is also on the rise. According to the survey, more than 1 million people in China lose their lives due to tobacco every year.In everyone’s impression, tea seems to solve the poison, so some people who smoke will often try to use a cup of tea means to remove the body of smoke poison, first of all we do admit that the right amount drink tea at ordinary times, do great benefit to body health, but for long-term smoking, drinking tea can really solve the smoke poison?What happens to the body of those who smoke and drink tea for a long time?If you’re curious, here’s a look.01 first look at the long-term of the dangers of smoking 1, damage to the nicotine in tobacco can let whole skeleton reduced vasoconstriction, blood flow to the newborn bone, but also can reduce the blood flow to the articular disc and articular disc degeneration in advance, triggering pelvis inflammation and pain, and according to the survey found that smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, the prevalence of arthritis will be increased by 50%.2, damage lung health smoking causes short bronchial epithelial cilia, reduces local resistance to infection, and it has been found that 90% of lung cancer mortality is caused by smoking, and then more recently it also causes emphysema, which makes lung cells swell or burst, resulting in breathing difficulties.3, damage to the reproductive system smoking will have a inhibitory effect on the spinal cord of the nerve center, so that the vasoconstriction and spasm, causing peripheral blood circulation disorders, studies have found that smoking is the main cause of impotence;In addition, smoking also affects sperm motility, deformities of sperm, and adverse effects on the health of the fetus.As the saying goes, there are seven things to open the door, “firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea”.Although tea was last on the list, many people couldn’t live without it.In recent years, scholars at home and abroad have paid much attention to the relationship between tea drinking and human health.1. Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Studies have shown that drinking tea can reduce human blood viscosity, prevent thrombosis, reduce capillary permeability and brittleness, reduce serum cholesterol and increase high density lipoprotein, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.Boost immune Function Scientists have found that an antibody compound found in tea is also present in some bacteria cells and helps build up the body’s defense against the disease.3, anti-aging tea polyphenols in tea has strong antioxidant and physiological activity, is the human free radical scavenger, according to experiments, tea polyphenols anti-aging effect is 18 times stronger than vitamin E.4. The fluoride content in huteeth Mingmu tea is relatively high, and 80% of it is water-soluble. If drinking proper amount of tea every day can increase the absorption of water-soluble fluorine, tea belongs to alkaline beverage, which can inhibit the reduction of calcium in human body, and is beneficial to the prevention of dental caries, tooth protection and hard teeth.What happens to people who smoke for a long time but insist on drinking tea?Many old tea drinkers who like smoking have said that it is a very good experience to smoke while drinking tea. It is very comfortable and relaxing to see the smoke curling up in the aroma of tea. Some people even think that drinking tea can remove the poison of tobacco.In fact, many people fall into three big mistakes.Myth one: tea can cure all poisons and is the medicine of all diseases. It has been recorded in “Herbal Collection” that all medicines are the medicine of all diseases and tea is the medicine of all diseases.Through the above mentioned, we also know the role and efficacy of drinking tea, although it can inhibit some carcinogenic factors, but compared with the harm caused by smoking, its effect is insignificant.Smoking is mainly caused by lung cancer, while drinking tea is only related to stomach, the relationship between the two is not close, and cha is only a daily drink, drinking tea in normal time, is good for the body, but the antitoxic effect of smoking is very little.Erroneous zone 2: smoking to cause a decline in vitamin C, according to the study found that drinking tea can complement vitamin C per smoke a cigarette, the body will reduce 25 milligrams of vitamin C content, and contain rich vitamins in tea, especially green tea contains many vitamin C, so long-term smokers insist on drinking green tea, can will consume vitamin C fill up?In fact, drinking a pot of tea for vitamin C supplement and smoking a pack of cigarettes for vitamin C loss ratio of 0.5%:25%, the proportion difference between the two is very large, drinking tea for vitamin C supplement far beyond the income, so for long-term smoking, drinking tea can not supplement the effect of vitamin C.Myth 3:Smoking can cause blood pressure to rise, drinking tea can fall blood pressure after be absorbed into the body of nicotine in the tobacco, will promote the vasoconstrictor hormone secretion to increase, affect the blood circulation, reduce the oxygen supply, causing blood pressure to rise, and tea has certain antihypertensive efficacy, tea catechins and caffeine can make blood vessels in the pine, vasodilation, blood pressure will be decreased.However, for people who smoke for a long time, their blood pressure level is generally uncontrollable. If they simply want to drink tea to lower their blood pressure, it is undoubtedly a drop in the ocean. Therefore, they should take appropriate medicine and try to reduce smoking or directly quit smoking at ordinary times.04 tea cold knowledge 1, do not drink strong tea strong tea contains a large number of substances such as theophylline, if long-term drinking will directly stimulate the body and stomach, causing weakness, indigestion and many other symptoms.2, do not drink tea on an empty stomach because tea contains caffeine and other alkaloids, drinking tea on an empty stomach will make the intestinal absorption of caffeine too much, so that people have palpitation, dizziness, weakness of hands and feet and other symptoms.3. Don’t drink too hot Tea Drinking hot tea seems to be a habit of many people, but boiling hot water will not only weaken the effect of tea itself, but also stimulate the stomach and oral mucosa, which has adverse effects on human health.4, pay attention to the tea time, not before the meal before drinking tea, it is appropriate to drink tea between meals, this is because drinking tea before meals is easy to stimulate the intestines and stomach (especially green tea), before drinking tea will easily affect the quality of sleep.Conclusion: Through the introduction of this article, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the benefits of drinking tea, but for the argument that drinking tea can cure the poison of tobacco, we still do not believe too much, in order to truly reduce the harm caused by tobacco to the body, I hope that everyone can quit smoking in time.Guide to Summer Regimen