The Civil Affairs Bureau of Hengzhou City in Guangxi has launched volunteer service activities for civilized practice in the new era

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During the Spring Festival in 2022, the city civil affairs bureau in combination with “our festival, the Spring Festival”, to carry out the “winter warmth of civilization practice in action” series of volunteer service activities, by conducting visits condolences difficult people, epidemic prevention and control, neighborhood watch, and transforming social traditions propaganda, and other forms of services, new era civilization practice effective volunteer activity.Care for the needy, warm winter volunteer service warm the heart of the party and the government’s care and warmth to the difficulties in the hearts of the masses, so they can have a joy, peace, joy of the Spring Festival, first, cross the city civil affairs bureau to carry out the practice in action “” winter warmth of civilization” charity love warm m “series of sympathy,Some of the city’s poor families, low-income families, orphans and other poor people visited to comfort.During the activity, volunteer team members visited each household in groups, sent holiday money and gifts to each household, sent New Year wishes to them, let them feel the care of the Party Committee, the government and people from all walks of life for them.The warmness campaign not only brings material care to the poor, but also gives spiritual encouragement and promotes the traditional virtue of helping the poor.”During the Spring Festival, the epidemic prevention and control situation remained complex and grim.By integrating service resources purchased by the government, Hengzhou Civil Affairs Bureau gave full play to the positive role of social work talents in grassroots civil affairs service supply, and guided social work service centers such as Caihong, Tongxin Source and Jasmine Sunshine to assist in epidemic prevention and control.The center of social workers and volunteers to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, with practical action to practice of beginner’s mind and mission, fanned out each township village of stagnation point together with the village cadres in prevention and control ZhiQinDian unattended, be reported to the foreign passengers, and personnel information registration, code test code, temperature monitoring, etc, and persuade residents travel to wear masks,We call on the public to actively cooperate and participate in epidemic prevention and control, work together to build a safety net for epidemic prevention and control, and work together to win the battle against the epidemic.Rainbow Social workers are on duty for epidemic prevention and control in Ding Village, Pingma Town. Jasmine And Sunshine social workers are on duty for epidemic prevention and control in 榃 Qiao Village, Xiaoyi Town. “Neighborhood Watch” Care ActivityHengzhou Civil Affairs Bureau jointly with Hengzhou Town Social Work Service Station to carry out the new era civilization practice volunteer service activity of “Spring Fair · Happiness Fermentation”.The activities included giving Spring Festival couplets, making epidemic prevention and control cards for families, visiting calligraphy and painting exhibition of Spring Festival blessings and health consultation, etc., which attracted the participation of community residents and won high praise.During the activity, the volunteer service members also visited the needy people in the community and sent New Year’s greetings.Neighborhood watch and care activities guide residents’ awareness of community construction, promote community governance, and lay a good foundation for improving community-level community governance capacity and people’s happiness index.”Spring fair, happy fermentation” neighborhood watch volunteer new era civilization practice transforming social traditions propaganda activities to further promote the transforming social traditions, carry forward the contracted moderately, fresh air to the marriage customs of modern civilization, cross city civil affairs bureau marriage registration using Spring Festival rush hour, practice transforming social traditions in the new era civilization publicity and volunteer activities.In the form of publicizing marriage knowledge of civil Code and issuing civilized Marriage Custom proposal to prospective couples, the service activities guide the masses to abandon bad wedding habits, establish healthy and progressive, thrifty and civilized marriage new style, promote civilized, thrifty and noble marriage custom consciousness, and promote the formation of good social fashion.Volunteer service members guided the masses to get the number of documents in the marriage registration office. During the Spring Festival, the warm winter sent a total of 141 people in need, and issued consolation money and consolation goods of 85,800 yuan;15 social workers on duty for epidemic prevention and control;The campaign benefited more than 1,000 people.(Qin Yanhua)