Safeguard the blue sky and clear water and steadily promote the construction of ecological Jinchang

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Clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains. In recent years, Jinchang has been adhering to the ecological red line and the bottom line of environmental protection, strengthening pollution prevention and control, continuously focusing on environmental problems, continuously improving the quality of ecological environment, and steadily promoting the construction of ecological Jinchang.It is located in the urban river road motor vehicle exhaust remote sensing monitoring system, the device can not influence under the condition of vehicles moving, through the principle of light motor vehicle exhaust of carbon monoxide, real-time measurement, hydrocarbons, and the smoke of nitric oxide, has found and screening of polluting vehicles, motor vehicle exhaust emission situation survey, urban motor vehicle exhaust control, and other functions,We will significantly improve our ability to monitor pollutant emissions from motor vehicles.I am now on Heya Road. Through the exhaust remote sensing monitoring system, relevant departments can complete a “physical examination” of exhaust gas for vehicles without being attended and without affecting the normal passage of vehicles. In just a few seconds, the “physical examination report” can be displayed in real time on the big screen behind me.In addition, the monitoring system will not be affected by the weather and guard Jinchanglan for 365 days.Through the backstage monitoring screen located in the hall of municipal Ecological and Environmental Protection Bureau, operation and maintenance staff can check the real-time situation of passing vehicle exhaust at each point at any time, providing big data support for environmental protection and public security departments to jointly carry out precise law enforcement.It is understood that since it was put into operation, as of March 21, a total of 4,447 vehicles were monitored to exceed exhaust standards.In order to reduce vehicle exhaust pollution, The city actively encourages residents to use new energy or clean energy vehicles. At present, 989 taxis and 128 buses in the city have been converted into natural gas clean energy vehicles, and 1895 old motor vehicles will be cancelled and eliminated in 2021.At the same time, the “blue water” defense is also continuing to advance.In recent years, Jinchuan District has been focusing on realizing the goal of “full coverage” of rural sewage treatment, continuously increasing financial investment, vigorously implementing PPP projects of rural sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe networks, and comprehensively promoting the prevention and control of rural water pollution.Reporters in jinyu Environmental Protection Co., LTD. Operation center to see the use of advanced Internet information technology, 19 sewage treatment stations synchronous networking, can be rural domestic sewage treatment equipment and facilities operating status, water quality and water volume and other dynamic information for collection, storage, management, analysis and sharing.The singularity Jin Yu environmental protection co., LTD. General manager ShengShiQuan now has entered the stage of commercial trial run, our project mainly adopts both online and off-line operation monitoring way, strengthen the normal operation of equipment and pipeline monitoring and maintenance work, on the one hand, online in a timely manner to find equipment in operation process of failure and a variety of alarm,Arrange inspection and maintenance personnel to deal with the fault on site according to the fault and alarm;On the other hand, offline inspection personnel set out from The two towns every morning to carry out normal inspection work, and timely report the problems found on the terminal APP.We will use our professional operation mode, the jinchuan district rural sewage operation work to implement, for the jinchuan district rural domestic sewage treatment project to lay a good foundation for the normal operation.Sewage treatment is related to thousands of households, the implementation of the project to overcome the problem of rural toilet revolution, but also greatly improved the phenomenon of rural sewage cross flow, so that the old rural appearance of a new look, the people’s sense of happiness, greatly enhanced the sense of gain.Yang Jiming, villager 1, Chenjiagou Village, Shuangwan Town, Jinchuan District After the construction of the new countryside, the house has been repaired, the toilet has been repaired, but there is no water, including washing water, water on the kitchen, there is no place to pour, winter poured into the yard is very slippery.Now we have sewage network, we are much more convenient.Ecological prosperity is civilization prosperity, “nickel capital” Jinchang pollution prevention and control problems are much more difficult, through the continuous efforts of the whole city, in 2021, the ecological environment quality of the city has achieved the best level since the historical record.The number of days with good air quality increased, while PM2.5 and PM10 decreased significantly, and “Jinchanglan” became the norm: From January to December 2021, 321 days with good air quality in urban areas, with an excellent and good rate of 87.9%.In the urban air quality, all 6 assessment indicators have reached the national second-level standards, and the comprehensive index is 3, ranking third in the province. The water environmental quality of the city’s surface water assessment section is also among the best in the country and the province.Yan Mingshan, Deputy Director of Jinchang Ecological environment Bureau in recent years, the city continues to strengthen environmental supervision, to fight the battle of pollution prevention and control, so that the environmental quality of the city has been comprehensively improved.In the next step, we will focus on precise pollution control, solve the remaining environmental problems, comprehensively improve the environmental quality, provide a good living environment for the city’s people, provide a wider space for the city’s economic development, and fulfill the responsibility of environmental protection for the construction of a beautiful ecological new Jinchang.Original title: Protect blue Sky and Clear Water and Promote Ecological Construction in Jinchang