Men in their 40s are most likely to cheat. Which of these reasons do you have?

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Marriage is the foundation of the family.The relationship between husband and wife is very important if the family is well established.According to data analysis, men in their 40s are the most likely to cheat.There is a cake shop near us, and a woman is always doing the cooking.The hostess is to go out to work with her husband before, come down a month, income is not bad also.I bought a house in the city, and I had a wonderful life.Children to school age, home a discussion, or do not mix in the village primary school, go to town.The grandparents, who had been taking care of their children, were silent as they looked at a fertile field nearby.I’ll stay and take my baby to school in the city.Women are left behind in the city.Children grow up, husband runs away.When the divorce, the husband also lost an IOU 200,000 yuan.The woman said he had a conscience.It’s going to be paid in a year.The woman took the money and insisted on opening the bakery in the city.After chatting occasionally, I realized that the parents of the woman’s ex-husband were helping out in the shop.Sometimes the woman even takes the bold step of renovating her ex-husband’s old home to make their old age easier.Woman’s idea is very kind, reality is very skinny.Under the persuasion of many sympathetic people, it was agreed that women should bring up their children first.Old people and 40-year-old men.Around, there are many such life examples, 40 years old men are the most likely to cheat.Some analysts believe that after marriage, love is gradually replaced by family affection, the former passion has already disappeared.Many people forget how strong they were together and go off the deep end.According to the survey, men and women in their 40s are most likely to have an affair for several reasons. First, men in their 40s are unable to overcome temptation.40 years old is the golden period of man’s life career, is in the peak period of life and career, is the best stage of life value.Because of work or personal business, the need to break up often far and wide, the nature between husband and wife is less away from more.Due to the needs of family, career, business and so on, it is inevitable to experience many, the outside world is very wonderful, many temptations, passive will not help but, smooth water into bamboo.The second is a 40-year-old man with a successful career.At this stage, the workers are not only skilled but also managerial, the officials are at their peak or entering their peak, and the businessmen are at their peak or entering their peak.It is because of this reason that others envy, chase after and worship them to reach a top.The so-called mature men and women, 40 is undoubtedly the best moment.And they are often unable to evaluate themselves objectively and control their emotions during this period.Let your physical emotions cross the line intentionally or unintentionally.Third, family conflicts between men and women in their 40s are at their peak.Both parents is about 70, for example, Tuesday is what disease, need to support and care, and children is growing, rebellious period is the study of high tension, the height of children need attention, this stage household spending most of time, house, health care, education, pensions, and social comparison in particular, slightly careless, family conflicts will lead to.Especially the contradictions between husband and wife, often to the point of divorce.Under the interweaving of various contradictions, it is probably the best solution to seek temporary pleasure to avoid reality and seek their own solace.Fourth, the change of appearance is also a reason.Men in their 40s tend to look the same as they did a decade ago.Women, on the other hand, tend to be very different from women of 30 because of children, family and other reasons.There is a saying, “a 40-year-old man a flower, 40-year-old woman tofu residue” is this truth.And the average age difference between husband and wife is not very big, this time the man is often absent-minded to the woman in the home, even can not raise interest.Coupled with the temptation of the outside world, men at this stage to cheat on the general male psychological hint.Fifth, before and after marriage, the difference in social status.After more than ten years of struggle between men and women, at this stage, there are huge differences between husband and wife in their positions, business, earning, ability and opportunities.Some became rich, some became high officials, while the other did little or worse.Of course, there are also couples who share the same score, but such couples have their own way of growth, and the feelings between husband and wife are most prone to cracks due to the change of status relations between such couples.Why are 40-year-old men the most likely to cheat?After marriage, love is gradually replaced by family affection, and the former passion has already disappeared. Many people forget the vows and pledges they made together and go off the rails.40 years old man or woman, in fact, carefully think about the growth experience, calm down to think about, and what can not accommodate tolerance between husband and wife?40 years old man, no matter whether you are suitable for which one, feel life peak or life trough, practical to life some, husband and wife more tolerant, perhaps, your life story is not wonderful, but there is a lifetime of happiness, content.