Guanyan tour, mountain peaks, winding tongyou, suitable for parent-child play

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Guanyan belongs to the local famous landscape wonders, karst caves, jagged rocks, mountains, dark rivers, waterfalls hanging high, natural scenery, winding path through you, beautiful, very suitable for family fun.Crown rock here and other cave is different, you can take a variety of vehicles to visit the cave, please follow my ideas to an adventure.Before entering the cave, tourists first take a slide to enjoy the idyllic scenery along the way, and then take a vertical sightseeing elevator to the cave. As the elevator descends, the various strange stones in the cave also appear before their eyes. The scenery in front of them makes people feel as if they have come to another planet, and they feel extraordinary.In this magical and quiet mysterious world, the beauty of the cave always inadvertently jumped into the eye, especially by sightseeing elevator tour, as if people fell into the yao Pool in general, moving scenery, beautiful scenery, people can not help but sigh the uncanny workmanship of nature.After taking the cavern track small train, with the body lights blurred color movement, shuttle in the mysterious changes of the underground canyon, in front of a dazzling array of strange rocks, dazzling, dizzying, make people just want to immerse in the magical journey like picture scroll, a comfortable feeling all over the body.Walking through the hall of palm trees, you feel as if you are in the tropical rainforest of giantland.When you walk on the colorful pontoon bridge, the lights are blurred in front of you, as the winding pontoon bridge has been extended to the depths, the feeling is like stepping into the Palace of Heaven, and like walking in the Milky Way, the heart moves with the scene, moving for the scene, a person’s imagination.Guan Yan then went to the crystal Palace, before the lights blurred reflection in the water, continuous beauty dizzying, like a fairyland.Overview of the entire cave, covering an area of very broad, cascading, murmuring streams, especially all kinds of grotesque rocks, in the light against the backdrop of the confusing, particularly dazzling.Personal feeling, in addition to beautiful scenery, many way to visit here, and is very tall, is said to be the cap rock is the way most domestic cave, when you enter it, either on a cruise, also can choose to take rail transit, and even can be a super beautiful sightseeing elevator, in a word, every kind of way is special time, for young and old,Give a person extremely beautiful experience feeling.Want to know more wonderful content, come to the moon inside what to visit qixingyan scenic spot, unique cultural landscape, beautiful natural landscape