Conscience “big country sports”, there is no strongest, only stronger!

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At the thought of punishment, Wu Jie quickly opened the system store to bring out all the talents of football, and began to carefully check the effect, as well as the price of the upgrade.He soon found that “athletic talent” costs the same price, from 10 points for a half-star talent to 120, 000 points for a five-star talent, which can be changed after purchase.”If you upgrade from three to four stars, is the cost just the difference?””Be!””Can I sell my four-star talent?””Yes, half the price!”Wu immediately snuffed out any idea of selling his four-star athleticism, but it wasn’t worth it to just use it.It’s better to keep it, because it only costs 14,000 points to upgrade your talent from three to four stars with Olympic currency, which is more cost-effective than upgrading it with four stars. Wu jie chose to buy it without hesitation!”Shua!”A golden light from the medal-like system shot into Wu Jie’s body, forming a golden globe surrounding him, his body immediately unable to move.Wu Jie already knew that only he could hear and see the system, so he was not afraid of being discovered.But when the golden veil covered him, no sound from the outside world could come in.This makes him have a feeling of being in another dimension, there is a bad presentiment!Sure enough, as soon as the idea came to him, he felt a sharp pain coming from all over his body!At first it was as if a thousand ants were gnawing at his insides, and soon it was as if the limbs and torso were being pulled by several horses at once, and the sinions and flesh were being torn apart.Wu Jie felt like being sliced with a knife for a while, like being skinned for a while…Finally, even the crotch part, like being kicked dozens of feet, and then a little bit of scissors cut off!Under normal circumstances, this level of pain would have sent him into a blackout.But at the moment of Wu Jie just a little to faint feeling are not, he can clearly feel the pain from all over the body!”My hand!My feet!My twenty-eight!”Wu Jie pain fell from the bed to the ground, his hands and feet “crackling” a burst of brittle sound, all joint parts were inexplicable power pinch into smash!It almost bit his tongue off, but when the joints of his hands and feet shattered, there was a loud “crunch”.The bones of the broken joints, one by one, were glued together again.The most ridiculous thing is that the arms and legs have grown and the joints of the body have become bigger and harder, but this method of talent enhancement is too hardcore!But soon he forgot these, both sides of the shoulder suddenly was a strong pull outward, the kind of feeling like a small devil is being torn by hand.For an entire hour these pains afflicted him every few minutes in a variety of ways.Wu Jie was already sweating profusely, he felt like a whole year.”Is it finally over?This kind of pain is difficult to let a person feel the accurate passage of time, Wu Jie only felt that he enjoyed all the ten manchu tortures in turn.But is it worth the pain?Wu Jie experienced this kind of inhuman pain, finally understand what is called no sweet without sweat.At the moment, feeling the power filling his body, seeing Monsters rank 28, he hurriedly pulled out his own information.Height: 183cm, weight 69kg, athletic talent “comprehensive ability” : 64 “attack” : 63 “defense” : 38 “skills” : 62 “movement” : 71 “power” : 66 “gatekeeping” : 20 “psychology” : 60 if only from the data, this promotion is not really a reinvention.But he could feel that the upper limit of this body had been raised, that its potential was not what it had been.Wu jie knew this body would be good enough for him in the ’80s, as long as he trained to bring out his improved potential. He was athletic enough to play in Europe and basically walk sideways in Asian fish ponds.But there’s a catch. He’s got to learn how to play, right?Bolt’s body is more abnormal, to play football can only be nothing, difficult to log on to the professional league.”Hell, why don’t you give me a body to play basketball with?If I had a four-star basketball talent, I would certainly lead the men’s basketball team of this era to reach the quarterfinals of the World Championships and the Olympics.”The more Wu Jie thought about it, the more he felt that the system was embarrassing him. Fortunately, the store had any strange cards for sale.He had just discovered a card called a practice card that allowed people to practice in their dreams, simulate the training program, the environment and even the real team.The lowest level of bronze can only be used for 1:1 virtual training, while higher levels of silver, gold, platinum, Diamond and Legend are more effective and of course more expensive.The highest “legend card” can make dream time 1,000 times slower than reality, and can not only simulate any sport until 2020, but also create its own environment and opponents.He had absorbed wu jie’s memories of football and human relations.But even if he accepts these memories, playing football in person is problematic because theory and practice are very different.So this is very useful, he can dream simulated ajax, Real Madrid, Barcelona’s youth camps for training.”System, how did I get 79,419 Olympic coins?”Wu Jie saw the money in his wallet when he bought the card. He couldn’t help asking the question in his heart. How could he have so many Olympic coins?It automatically opens up the Olympic System, which has a “Global statistics” option that records the “Olympic Index” ranking of countries and regions.May 4, 1980, global Olympic Index statistics — 1, “Soviet Union: 1143220” 2, “The United States: 1083480” 3, “Democratic Germany: 736459” 4, “Federal Republic of Germany: 693584” 5, “Italy: 513741″……19. “China: 79419” “This ranking is not quite right?Didn’t China only return to the Olympics in 1984?”Wu Jie saw that China’s Olympic index was 79419 points, and immediately understood where his Olympic coins came from.However, he was puzzled that China ranked 19th, since China only participated in the Olympic Games in 1984 and has not yet participated in the Olympic index.”The Olympic index can be improved through all international/intercontinental games and events, and the host can query the points bonus of different events.”This explanation made Wu jie understand that if the “Olympic index” meant more than just “Olympic” results, China would be in this position.In 1974, new China participated in the Asian Games for the first time and won the third place in the medal count.In this era, China also ranked first in Asia in the three ball games.Of course, different sports and events have different levels of influence, and the influence of Asian events is generally low.The “Olympic Games” is the highest level of comprehensive competition, followed by the “world Championships” in each sport.But some individual events, such as the World Cup, are just as powerful.In addition to football, basketball, football, baseball, tennis and other well-known events, the influence is also very high.But these have nothing to do with him, his immediate priority is to help the National football team into the World Cup!Wu Jie did not take less “national football team” brush in previous life, how did not think of this let God helpless task, now unexpectedly let him to complete, this is the retribution of spraying national football team?But is there a reason to bash the National team?You don’t want to get yelled at for being so bad?Wu Jie was extremely depressed, and asked another question: “I want to know if other people’s achievements in sports will increase my Olympic coin?”The answer is: “Host Olympic coin and China’s Olympic points binding!””Then I just used Olympic money, will China’s Olympic points go down?””No, when China’s Olympic points increase/decrease, the host’s account will be synchronized in real time.But the host account changes, will not affect China’s Olympic points.”This explanation is clear, both are one-way binding.He will only be affected by the “increase” or “decrease” of Olympic points in China and will not be affected by the use of Olympic coins in his wallet.Wu Jie eyes a bright, that is not to say that others achieved results can be counted to his body?He knows that China did well in the Olympics, finishing fourth in the medal table when it made its Olympic debut in 1984, and hasn’t been out of the top three since 1992.”Can you buy things in the system store for other people?”Wu Jie asked again, he suddenly thought of a good way to make a fortune without any effort.If the Results of The Chinese athletes can help him increase the Olympic money, then just add some talent to the already outstanding Chinese athletes and he can sit at home and wait for the Olympic money to increase like crazy.The answer was “yes” immediately!This made Wu Jie burst out laughing. He seemed to have found some great loophole.However, a sound suddenly stopped his smile!”New news!”The Chinese men’s national football team lost 1-0 to the DPRK in A friendly match, which is not international A-level and has been synchronized with the host after deducting 200 Olympic points.”Wu Jie heard the news, the whole person instantly froze.Soon, his panic was far greater than his depression!Because at last it dawned on him that it was mutual and mutual.He’s been back in time from 2020 and knows that the sports that will do well in China in the future are almost always those that have little impact or commercial value.The problem then is that China still dominates table tennis, diving, weightlifting, badminton, etc.But these projects have limited international influence, and all of them combined have less impact than a World Cup winner.The world’s truly internationally influential sports are: football, basketball, track and field, swimming, tennis, football, racing, baseball, golf, cycling, fencing, equestrian, canoeing…However, it is a pity that China is not very good at all the sports that can increase the Number of Olympic points. In particular, it takes only one or two talents in football, basketball, track and field and swimming in 10 years on average.Now losing a friendly match to North Korea will incur a deduction of 200 points, so if the men’s football team and men’s basketball team lose consecutively in the international arena, and finally even Thailand and Vietnam dare to lose, won’t he become a negative asset?Wu Jie thought of this consequence, and even did not dare to consider back, quickly spent 5000 points to buy a platinum level “dream training card”.The card made the dream time 100 times slower than reality, and it was 10:30 p.m., so he had about eight or nine hours of dream time, or eight or nine hundred hours of training.The first task of the system is to let him help the national football team into the World Cup!His first task was to learn how to kick a ball!This is all about the rhythm of the game!(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!