Books, papers, audio and video are available at the National Digital Library

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The Lantern Festival is over, the year is over, the struggle of the New Year began hard and make progress every dayThe national Digital Library’s treasure trove of resources you deserve.Books, periodicals, newspapers, papers, ancient books, music, movies and other massive resources for you to learn, there is always a suitable for you.Electronic books law, economy, culture, science, art and so on, the category is quite rich.Ancient books resources in the precious ancient books resources, into the history, and traditional culture to contact again and again, it is very exciting to think.The National Digital Library offers many free new Oriental online courses for those who want to improve their English.Preschool, children, junior high school, high school, college, on-the-job, all age stage of the curriculum.These learning resources are commercial databases purchased by the National Library and available to the public free of charge.It saves you money. It’s a good idea.Take a look at just how many learning resources there are for working people.In addition, please note: New Oriental courses only support computer access, mobile phone can not see.Click on the national Library homepage to see the entrance of purchased resources, choose audio and video to find new Oriental online courses.More treasure resources for you to explore in person at the National Digital Library.Computer side website: 2022, come on and learn together!# Read ## learn #