Apple’s best phone, or the 12-year-old iPhone 4?

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What is the best iPhone ever made?Everyone has their own answer, but whether you agree with it or not, you can’t ignore the iPhone 4, which came out in 2010 and changed the iPhone, changed the phone and changed the world.The iPhone 4 is a milestone in Apple’s history. It really took the iPhone to the world. 12 years ago, it was released.Jobs wasn’t exaggerating, and that’s how I felt when I first saw it as a child.Even in the light of more than a decade later, the iPhone 4’s design is definitely “polished.”At a time when most major phones had plastic cases, the iPhone 4’s metal and glass body stood out.It was 9.3 millimeters thick, making it the thinnest phone on the planet at the time.Exquisite look and feel, comfortable feel, let a person want to have a try.The classic design of metal frame and double-sided glass is not out of date even now.Compared to the iPhone 12, not only the rectangular bezels, but also the volume buttons, microphone and lines are positioned exactly the same.Open the screen and you’ll see the classic unlock screen.Sliding, unlocking, it feels really good.Fingerprint and face unlocks are quick these days, but I couldn’t help but repeat the iPhone 4’s “cumbersome” sliding unlock over and over again.Maybe it was the beautiful unlocking animation, the strange feeling of nostalgia mixed with novelty, or the classic “click” sound.This picture, you said 2021 phone, AND I believe you.Back in 2010, Jobs saw the importance of mobile displays, so he brought Retina display to the iPhone 4.Retina means 326 pixels per inch on the screen, which means ppi equals 326.The study found that when people use a mobile phone at a normal distance, as long as the ppi of the screen is greater than 300, the human eye does not recognize the pixels, that is, you are looking at fully high-definition images and text.In 2010, WHEN I was still in junior high school, I did not know what retina and PPI were, but I could intuitively feel that the screen of iPhone 4 was very clear and better than other mobile phones.Jobs wanted to set a standard for the industry that would last for years, and for other phones to follow suit.The fact is, that benchmark has held up to this day.Even the latest iPad Mini 6 has a PPI of 326.Of course, it’s not just the screen that will last for 10 years, but the 5V1A charger.But Cook probably realized it wasn’t appropriate, and in 2020, they stopped giving away chargers.APP ICONS on the iPhone 4 are skeuomorphic, different from the current flat style, but also nice and intuitive.This intuitive, easy-to-get approach was in line with Jobs’s philosophy.Jobs had worked at Atari and admired the simplicity and user-friendliness of atari’s games.You don’t need a manual. You can play it.In Star Trek, for example, the only two instructions are: “1.2. Avoid the Klingons.”This philosophy also influenced the design of his products, such as the clock, which looks like a pocket watch;A memo, which is a notepad, a calculator, you click on it like a real calculator.Taking a picture with a camera makes a shutter motion, just like a real camera.After the photo is taken, there will be an animation that runs into the album.Click to enter the album, click the same place again, you can go back.This is better than the iPhone 12. I went into the album countless times from the camera and then tried to hit the same spot and couldn’t come back, which was counter-intuitive.Delete photos in the album, there will be animation falling into the trash can, very realistic, feel very “stupid”.Nowadays, we all know how to use a mobile phone when we pick it up, but for those of us who might still have a Nokia in the previous generation, this animation would let him know where the photos went, and it was very friendly for beginners.In addition to being easy to use, the A4 processor and Apple’s multi-tasking background mode make the iPhone 4 “stand out” as smooth as a crowd.I remember when I was in junior high school, there were a lot of shanzhai phones in China that looked exactly like the iPhone 4, but as soon as you opened the game, you would find a huge card.Symbian and Android at the time were full of ads and software, often requiring memory cleaning and even phone swiping.The iPhone 4, on the other hand, has no ads, can run a lot of apps, and can switch back and forth without blocking.When it came to taking pictures, Jobs had a different view than others.”Everyone likes to talk about very specific things, like multi-million pixel cameras.But for cell phone photography, how to capture light more fully.”So, in addition to the 5 megapixel upgrade, the iPhone 4 also used some technology that was available in high-end cameras at the time — a backlighting sensor that allowed the sensor to get more light.In addition, when other phones increase the pixel size, they decrease the pixel size, which actually makes them less sensitive, but the iPhone 4 increases the pixel size while maintaining the same pixel size, which increases the sensitivity.Jobs wasn’t thinking about a bunch of parameters and hardware, just a bunch of numbers.It’s about thinking from the consumer’s point of view about what they really want.I took some photos with my iPhone 4 that don’t look dated today.And the iPhone 4’s camera is so small.Now phones have bigger cameras and more cameras, including the iPhone itself.Back then, you didn’t need a camera to identify your phone.The iPhone 4 is extremely powerful, and its heat is well controlled.At that time, Xiaomi and Meizu in the Android camp had serious fever, and xiaomi’s “born for fever” had been teased for many years.The iPhone 4’s music player is also beautifully made.When you download a good song and go to the music screen, you can see the album page and the song information.At this point, if you turn your phone sideways, you get a really nice Cover Flow screen, where you swipe to select albums and tap to select songs.However, the iPhone 4 is not without its flaws, with the first use of a metal frame + antenna design, which led to the “antennagate” incident.When you hold several antenna points in your hand at the same time, there is no signal.Apple corrected that with the iPhone 4S, with powerful updates such as a doubling of the A5 processor and Siri.But this time, we didn’t get to see Jobs at the event.Jobs watched the 4S launch in the hospital, then died the day after the event.IPhone 4S, iPhone four S in English, some say the name stands for for Steve.Whether true or not, it is worthy of the efforts of Jobs, who made the iPhone famous around the world and introduced many of the disruptive designs that are still used today.As Jobs said, “Great art doesn’t have to be trendy. It can be trendy.”I’ve always felt that today’s phones are so homogenized that I can see so many specs and hardware at every launch, but I can’t remember anything after watching them.It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything that really shines.In 2010, it was Jay Chou, the iPhone 4 came out, and the Nokia dynasty came to an end.Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu hair force, domestic mobile phone race.It was a time of change and promise, with lots of new things happening and products changing fast.But in 2022, more than 10 years later, people still listen to Jay Chou, still use a rectangular bezel phone, the era, how much progress?I think what people miss about the iPhone 4 is not the rectangular bezel, but the innovation and change it represented.Jobs will be remembered not for his temper, but for someone who refused to go with the flow, who always wanted to ride the waves and stubbornly wanted to change the world.Hats off to those crazy guys.They misfits the rebels they make trouble the troublemakers they don’t fit the round pegs in the squareHoles They don’t follow The ones who see things diffrentlyRe not fond of rules And they have no respect for the status quo You can quote them Disagree withThey Glorify or vilify them But the only thing you can do is ignore them.T do is ignore them Because they change things Because they push the human race forwardSome may see them as the crazy ones We see genius Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the worldTo think they can change the world Are the ones who do