Attention!The latest announcement from the Ministry of Education has arrived

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On February 11, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to deploy local education departments and universities to carry out epidemic prevention and control in a scientific and precise manner to ensure a safe start of the 2022 spring semester.The circular called for greater political responsibility in epidemic prevention and control.Local education departments and universities should resolutely implement epidemic prevention and control measures, ensure the efficient operation of the epidemic prevention and control leadership system, emergency response mechanism and command system, and strengthen the deployment, guidance, supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control.Party and government leaders of local education departments and universities should earnestly fulfill their duties as the first person responsible for epidemic prevention and control, and be fully responsible for the organization, leadership and implementation of responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control.The circular requires schools to strictly implement the spring semester safety program.Around the education department and the universities should under the leadership of the local party committee and government, considering the current epidemic situation, prevention and control policy requirement and the actual local school, formulation and strictly implement the spring 2022 semester plan and epidemic prevention and control, timely issued the school and school epidemic prevention and control requirements, orderly classification, make teachers and students back to school.If it is necessary to arrange online teaching, the quality of online teaching should be ensured.The notice requires teachers, students and staff to strengthen the management of back-to-school protection.Local education departments and universities should accurately grasp the requirements of epidemic prevention and control policies between the locations of schools and the places where students come from (or where their families actually live), and properly coordinate epidemic prevention and control policies.It is necessary to strengthen the health monitoring of teachers, students and staff, strengthen health education, and guide them to effectively do a good job of personal protection on the way back to school.The circular called for strict implementation of regular epidemic prevention and control measures.Local education departments and universities should work together to prevent human, physical and environmental diseases, guide teachers, students and staff to protect themselves on campus, and strengthen education and guidance on epidemic prevention and control outside school.With the support of the local leading group for epidemic Prevention and control (headquarters), nucleic acid testing has been carried out regularly for all or a certain proportion of teachers, students and staff.The circular called for faster improvement of emergency response capacity.Local education departments and universities should incorporate school emergency response into local joint prevention and control mechanisms, and arrange adequate emergency isolation sites, material reserves and personnel.Colleges and universities should constantly improve and refine emergency plans for outbreaks.Around the beginning of the spring semester, China coordinated with health departments, DISEASE control and prevention agencies, and medical and health institutions to carry out multi-scenario, practical drills for responding to school outbreaks.◈@ Handan people, the Lantern Festival to ban fireworks and kongming light burning ban!
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