A new discovery!A rock painting site dating from 10,000 to 5,000 years ago has been discovered in Yongde, Yunnan province

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According to yunnan.com, a rock painting site has been discovered in Dapingzhang Rock root in Yongde County, Lincang City, Yunnan province.There are more than 30 images of people and scenes in the rock paintings, which provide new materials for the study of ancient people’s life.This is not the first rock painting to be discovered in Yongde County. Many rock paintings have been found in other places in Yongde county before this, so it can be inferred that this place was a place where ancient people were active.Yunnan belongs to the southwest frontier of China, but it has a long history. Yongde County was set up in the Han Dynasty and belongs to ailao State, but its history is much older than that.Yunnan region is one of the birthplace of human beings, yunnan ancestors in ancient times created extraordinary civilization, the discovery of rock paintings, undoubtedly to yunnan’s brilliant history added new evidence.The newly discovered rock paintings in Yongde, Dapingzhang Rock, Yongde County, are believed to date back to the New Age, about 10,000 to 5,000 years ago.Rock paintings are painted with red pigments, which are still clearly discernible after years of hone and shine with the wisdom of our ancestors in ancient times.Although rock paintings depict concrete things, they are abstract in form and have strong artistic beauty.This is the special things that our ancestors understood and recorded the world, representing the real level of social life and aesthetic cognition in that period.The ancient rock paintings of Daping Zhangyan in Yongde County have been found all over the world and are known as the earliest art.Chinese rock paintings are widely distributed, some are directly carved on rocks, some are painted with pigments. Although the characteristics of paintings in different places are not accepted, they all have excellent techniques and means.Unlike rock paintings in other parts of the world, Chinese rock paintings are closely associated with Chinese characters.In the beginning, most Chinese characters belong to pictographs, which are still pictographs in spite of the following methods of character formation, such as signification, reference, form and sound, hypotheticism and annotation.There is no doubt that rock paintings are the source of pictographs.The creation method of rock painting is to depict concrete things through simple lines.In the process of development, the figurative patterns became more and more concise, more and more abstract, and eventually formed the text.This has been proved in many of the original petroglyphs and carvings that we find.The representative of Zuojiang rock painting — Huashan rock painting Chinese characters in the world is unique in the forest of characters, has been passed down for a long time, and the road of development is always along the shape of the development down.Although many characters in other parts of the world also started from pictographs, they eventually went to the road of expressing sound, which separated the relationship between sound and meaning of characters.From an artistic point of view, Yongde rock paintings use vivid and natural brush strokes, plain and thick lines, and vivid images.Chinese art, whether calligraphy or painting, is different from the West’s emphasis on “image”, but pays attention to the vague beauty of the atmosphere, relying on the charm of spirit, manner.Yongde rock painting is a representative of Oriental charm.When talking about the history of Chinese calligraphy, the depiction of Dawenkou black pottery generally starts from the ancient depiction. For example, the notch on Dawenkou black pottery is regarded as a knowing character.From ancient marks, to oracle bones, and then to shang and Zhou jinwen, calligraphy is accompanied by the development of Chinese characters, all the way down.Are these rock paintings painted by our ancestors in Dapingzhangyan, can they also be regarded as one of the beginnings of calligraphy?Whether it is or not, it is the crystallization of the wisdom of our ancestors and the dawn of our civilization.Ancient rock painting is a precious historical heritage, want to know friends, you can see the following link in the ancient rock painting want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to calligraphy pastoral