The national smart Education platform has been connected to the Shenyang Education resources public service platform

2022-07-06 0 By

On March 28, the national smart education platform was officially launched. In order to facilitate the use of teachers and students in Shenyang, the Municipal Education Research Institute has connected the national platform to the Shenyang Education Resources Public service platform on the same day.The National Smart Education platform includes sub-platforms for primary and secondary schools, vocational education and higher education, providing a large number of learning resources, including basic education, teacher research and training, family education, educational reform experience, skills training and mooC.Among them, the smart education sub-platform for primary and secondary schools has been connected to shenyang Education resources public service platform on March 1, the day of its launch.Vocational education and higher education were added to the national platform this time. The Municipal Education Research Institute immediately contacted the development unit of the national platform and connected the new content to the Shenyang platform ( on the night of 28th. The Shenyang platform has gathered provincial, municipal and national educational resources to provide one-stop service.Welcome the city’s teachers and students to pay attention to use.