Shaanxi Tongchuan people’s Congress: law as a party to protect water and soil

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Tongchuan was born of coal and established as a city by mining. It was once called “the city invisible on the satellite”.Yearning for a better ecological environment has always been the voice of tongchuan people, but also the top priority of tongchuan’s high-quality comprehensive transformation and development.In this lasting battle, the Standing Committee of tongchuan Municipal People’s Congress escort the ecological environment with the rule of law only more strict, not the most strict, the former coal city has been cleaned and changed.On the banks of jushui river, in the liulin River, young crested ibises leave their nests one after another and take off for the first time.These auspicious and precious birds have witnessed the evolution of tongchuan’s ecological environment.For the significance of ecological environment protection, Tongchuan, a resource-depleted city, has a deep understanding of the pain of ecological environment damage, difficult governance, difficult maintenance.How to protect this hard-won ecological achievements, is placed in front of all tongchuan people a test paper of The Times.After obtaining the local legislative power in September 2015, the Standing Committee of tongchuan Municipal People’s Congress put the ecological legislation in a prominent position to grasp, and built a legal barrier for the ecological environment of Tongchuan with the strictest regulations.Tongchuan city local legislation adhere to the “party committee leadership, leading, government depends on the people’s congress (NPC), the parties to participate in” principle, adhere to the people as the center of thought, focus on areas of ecological environment in key areas, the people’s livelihood problems, practice law of q in people, open the door legislation, give full play to the expert team, legislative point of contact at the grass-roots level and the role of the people’s congress, in the process of legislation actively practicing the whole process of democracy,We will effectively promote scientific, democratic, and law-based legislation to ensure that local laws and regulations are standing, workable, and practical.”In the first five-year legislative plan formulated in 2017, there are 12 legislative items, seven of which are related to environmental protection. Regulations on air pollution Prevention and control, Regulations on river management, and regulations on fireworks discharge have been promulgated and implemented, and legislative items such as garbage classification and water source protection are under investigation and demonstration.These local laws and regulations will establish a three-dimensional legal network for tongchuan’s clear water and blue sky.”Tongchuan city people’s Congress legislative Committee, standing committee legal work Committee director Liu Junchuan said.”Tongchuan Fireworks Discharge Management Regulations” directly hit the key link of discharge, make clear provisions on discharge area, discharge time, discharge way and so on, and in a graphical way to mark the forbidden area, so that the majority of the people to whether they are in the forbidden area at a glance.At the same time, the regulations clearly stipulate that fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in the crested Ibis reserve, so as to maintain the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.According to statistics, since 2013, 62 crested ibises have been released wild, and 136 crested ibises have been incubated in Tongchuan.The environment is people’s livelihood, and the blue sky is happiness.In order to implement the requirements of the three-year Action Plan to protect the blue Sky, the Standing Committee of tongchuan People’s Congress adjusted the legislative plan in time in 2018, gave full play to the leading role of legislation, and participated in the drafting of the Regulations on the Prevention and control of Air Pollution in Tongchuan., from the perspective of the problems existing in the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, legislative consultative conference for many times, fully absorb the expert, the people’s congress, the industry and the opinions of the masses advice, overall consideration tongchuan industrial structure, terrain, location characteristics, highlight the “prominent government responsibility, standardize the parties responsibilities, strengthen management of source, reflect damage liability, advocate public participation” legislation characteristic,We will continue to improve our capacity for ecological and environmental governance through the legal system.Tongchuan River Management Regulations is an important measure to fight a good battle of green water protection.The regulations provide rigid constraints from river planning and construction, shoreline protection, pollution prevention and control, ecological restoration and other aspects, providing legal guarantee for improving river water environment quality, repairing river ecological environment, improving water quality of outlet section and implementing river chief system.In order to realize the harmonious coexistence of human and water, promote the city’s water environment protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin laid the foundation of legal governance.”Covering the world is not difficult to legislate, but difficult to do.”Tongchuan city people’s congress (NPC) of the ecological environment protection as the pinnacle of the supervision work, adhere to the correct effective supervision, focus on “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in ecological environment” nine constraint index and annual target tasks, and the standing committee of the provincial environmental protection supervision and review feedback problems, in the atmosphere, water, soil pollution prevention as the main direction, the integrated use of supervision means, continuous,It has played an important role in the continuous improvement of tongchuan ecological environment by following up and inquiring the effect.In the battle of pollution prevention and control, tongchuan Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee adhere to problem-oriented, precise policy, the annual environmental conditions and environmental protection goals to be included in the annual report to the Standing Committee of the Municipal people’s Congress of major issues, for five consecutive years to listen to the city’s annual environmental conditions, environmental protection goals and tasks to complete the situation.We continued to carry out inspections and investigations to control smog with an iron fist, and helped to implement six measures to reduce coal, curb dust, control vehicles, control sources of pollution, ban burning, and increase green pollution.The law enforcement inspection covering the implementation of laws and regulations on air pollution, water Law, water pollution prevention and control, soil pollution prevention and control, solid waste environmental pollution prevention and control, and Tongchuan River Management Regulations, etc.We coordinated and facilitated the handling of three public interest litigation cases in the field of environment and resources, stepped up oversight over the implementation of deliberation opinions, and used oversight to continuously improve the ecological environment.”In recent years, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress has organized environmental protection, housing and construction, urban management, public security and news media to take the environmental protection century campaign as the carrier.To focus on polluters, black smelly water governance, construction site, water conservation, waste treatment plants and so on carries on the spot investigations, the entire video locking, the detection of the specialized institutions, reversed transmission functions regulatory responsibilities and corrupt the full implementation of enterprise’s main body responsibility, improve a batch of air, water and soil, etc. To effectively solve the problem of pollution.”Municipal people’s Congress standing committee of urban and rural environment investment working committee director Ding Yong said.Today’s Tongchuan, the city’s atmospheric quality continues to improve, PM2.5, PM10 concentration decreased year on year, environmental air quality composite index improved year on year, 2021 harvest air quality good days 287 days, keep in the forefront of Guanzhong, “Tongchuan blue” become the most beautiful background color of weibei Plateau.Today, in Tongchuan, four urban drinking water sources have reached the level above class ⅲ, reaching 100% of the standard. Two sewage treatment plants have been upgraded to the level of Class IV surface water, and the water quality at the fork section has reached the level of Class III surface water, which is better than the two categories of the national examination target, with a water quality improvement rate of 36.82%.Problems such as black and smelly water bodies, illegal discharge of sewage, and illegal construction of river channels in cities were effectively solved.Tongchuan “Mother River” in the ecological environment protection and restoration will show a new face.Nowadays, the utilization rate of industrial solid waste disposal in Tongchuan has increased from 75% to 96%, the utilization rate of livestock and poultry waste in large-scale agricultural farms has reached more than 89%, the comprehensive utilization rate of main crop straw has reached more than 95%, and the agricultural film recovery rate has reached more than 85%.Compared with 2016, the amount of fertilizer and pesticide decreased by 0.88% and 15.17%, respectively.The rate of harmless disposal of municipal solid waste is 100%, 97.8% of county seats, and the rate of effective treatment of solid waste in administrative villages is over 87%.The classification of cultivated land soil quality and the survey results of soil pollution in key enterprises showed that there were no pollution cultivated land and polluted land.”Yellow land” shows new vitality in continuous governance.Now, the blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and clear water have been integrated into the daily life of tongchuan people, and the people’s sense of happiness and gain is constantly improving. Tongchuan has been selected as the “Happiest City in China” for four consecutive years, and its excellent ecology and beautiful environment have become a name card of tongchuan’s green development.Zhang Jianjun, director of tongchuan Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, said:We will firmly establish a “green water castle peak is the concept of jinshan yinshan, focusing on the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high quality development, focus on good pollution control to be completed, the focus of the provincial environmental protection supervision problem rectification, to manifest the authority of the rule of law in promoting the construction of ecological civilization, reflect people’s congress (NPC) bear, let the good ecological environment become tongchuan people happiness index growth,To become the supporting point for the comprehensive transformation and development of Tongchuan with high quality and become the driving force to show the beauty of Tongchuan.”Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: