Kunming’s CPPCC members have proposed extending the subway to shanshui New City in the north, benefiting more than 70,000 people

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Kunming, the provincial capital city, is concerned with the overall situation of the province how to lead the high-quality development of Brother city and write a good chapter of Yunnan’s Chinese dream.Subway has become the best choice of green travel for citizens due to its high speed and punctual departure.Shu Jingtao, a member of the CPPCC, suggested planning and building a subway line in the northern Shanshui New City to solve the problem of inconvenient travel for residents in the area.Shu Jingtao introduced that with the rapid increase of resident population, the current permanent resident population of the northern Shanshui New City is more than 70,000, and residents rely on self-driving for travel, so it is urgent to ease the traffic pressure in the area through the construction of public transportation.The construction project of National Plant Museum is adjacent to the northern Landscape New City, located in Ciba area, Panlong District. The total area of the park is 12.45 square kilometers, and the construction has started at present.The traffic in the area mainly depends on Longquan Road and road 7204. With the development and construction of the area, the traffic volume has increased year by year, and it is urgent to relieve the traffic pressure of the area through public transport construction.Metro lines in Kunming have extended to the southeast and northwest of the city after the opening of the five lines, the metro lines in Kunming have extended to the southeast and northwest of the city, but the coverage of rail transit in the northern Shanshui New City and the National Plant Museum area is insufficient:One is the kunming metro line 2 is the nearest to northern landscape city metro line, close to the leading street station and north bus station are on the verge of landscape in northern new town area, has not really arrived at the core, take the subway need to take bus transit district residents, to inconvenience of residents, but also affect the quality of the new city.Second, subway Line 8, which is planned to be built in the future, passes through the edge of the National Plant Museum area along Longquan Road. The station is far from the center of the area, so residents need to transfer by bus to take the subway, causing inconvenience for citizens.Proposal, municipal departments of landscape in northern new town area, national museum of plant area rail transit network planning in research, planning and construction in northern landscape metro subway, realize the landscape in northern new town, national museum of plant by rail transit connect kunming urban area, meet the needs of people travel by rail transportation is convenient,Promote the improvement of urban quality and economic and social development.Source: national museum of plant planning and design plan of yunnan national spatial planning at the same time, the path planning and construction of metro line 2 along the Beijing panlong district administrative center, the provincial academy of agricultural sciences’, waterfall park, city second people’s hospital, such as site, stop at the subway home yan mountain car depot subway lines, forming the subway line 2 northern landscape complete coverage of new city area.The northern connection line network of Subway Line 5 and Line 8 is planned to connect the Expo Park station of Line 5 to Chongjianchang Station of Subway Line 8 through Shibo Road, Chuangjin Road and Fengyuan Road, forming the connection and closure of subway Line 5, Line 2 and Line 8, and improving the transfer efficiency of subway passenger transport.In order to improve the efficiency of transportation in Kunming, Wang Peiming, a professor at the School of Architecture and Planning of Yunnan University, suggested that different parking Spaces should be allocated to new residential buildings in different regions to reduce urban traffic congestion.”Now in kunming new housing, whether it is in the center of the subway cover property or suburban district, parking ratio is 100 square meters PeiJian a parking, the uniformity ratio of parking lots, and lead to public transport is not encouraged, in the center of the city public transportation such as populated area, the number of private cars is also a lot of traffic jams.”Wang suggested that the ratio of different parking Spaces should be implemented for new residential buildings in the future. “For example, the ratio of parking Spaces should be reduced for residences within the first ring road or the second ring road or within 500 meters of the subway line.In these areas, we will reduce the supply of parking Spaces and encourage citizens to use public transport as much as possible to reduce traffic congestion in the city.”The preconditions for the reconstruction of old residential areas are the introduction of property management city CPPCC member Yang Yang submitted “on the overall promotion of property management coverage in the renovation process of old residential areas in our city” said that in recent years, the renovation of old residential areas in Kunming has been accelerated year by year, residents living environment has been greatly improved, enhance happiness,However, there are still some problems that need to be paid attention to and solved as soon as possible.Proposals and suggestions: 1. Formulate and introduce property management methods in old residential areas to ensure that the work has rules to follow.It is suggested that the URBAN Housing Construction Bureau should be responsible for formulating and promulgating the property management methods and work procedures for the old residential areas, taking the introduction of property management as the preconditions for the implementation of the renovation of the old residential areas, and adhering to the simultaneous implementation of renovation and management in accordance with the principles of owner decision-making, territorial organization and department guidance.Second, it is suggested that the URBAN Housing And Urban-rural Development Bureau organize the work of mapping the base number of property management as soon as possible, grasp the changes of property management dynamically by means of information technology, and set up a “map” of the city’s property management, which can be recorded on the wall chart and the landing point map.The use of property service enterprise integrity “red and black list” and other systems, to increase the supervision of property enterprises.Third, to build a platform for discussion and consultation and promote the renovation of old residential areas as a whole.Before the renovation, the property management and the renovation project shall be voted at the same time, and the owner agrees to implement the property management and pay the property service fee, before applying for inclusion in the renovation plan.During the transformation, the old community should be fully investigated after investigation and planning, so as to understand the will and needs of the people, reach a consensus through consultation, and accurately determine the transformation content. Property service enterprises should participate in the whole process, put forward reasonable suggestions, and participate in the project acceptance.After the renovation, the property management shall be seamless, and the agreed property service shall be provided, and the owners shall pay the property service fee according to the agreement.Do you agree with the above suggestions?What else do you think kunming can do to promote high-quality development?Source: City times if there are Revelations, contributions, business cooperation, infringement, please contact VX public number Yunnan property market observation communication processing.This article is for reference only, this number reserves the right of final interpretation, this number does not bear legal risks.Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Yunnan property market observation