Gansu: Weak schools on development highway

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In zhagana in early spring, the mist is lifting and the sun is breaking through the clouds to reach the villages and hillsides.New red-and-yellow towers stand out in a wooden shelter built along a hillside in Yiwa Township, Diabe County, Gansu Province.Dibu means “thumb” in Tibetan. The county is known as the place where the mountain god “pressed” to open. It used to be a contiguous poverty-stricken county, but due to historical and geographical factors, the development of education has been lagging behind.”In recent years, we have built a new complex building, teachers’ turnover room, student dormitories and dining hall, hardened playground, the school looks brand-new, is another scenery near Zhagana.”The principal of Yiwa Town Central Primary School, Ramaoga, said that with the new teaching buildings and functional rooms, students’ classes have become colorful, and the quality of education and teaching has improved rapidly.It is not only yiwa Town Central Primary School that has changed. According to statistics, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Dibu County invested 775 million yuan, and relying on the “comprehensive restructuring” and other projects, the education infrastructure “upgrading”, the campus has undergone earth-shaking changes.At the same time, more than 300 computer, video and multimedia classrooms have been built, and all primary and secondary schools now have access to broadband Internet, quality resources from each class, and online learning space for everyone. The gap between urban and rural areas and between schools has gradually narrowed, and children now enjoy quality education resources.Related chief of bureau of education of duibu county introduces, nowadays, every school became the place with the most beautiful place, had good basic condition, the teaching staff of all kinds of schools, information technology, campus culture and so on “package” construction advances steadily, the force that collects whole county ran out education balanced development “acceleration”.Walking into Wangzang School, the garden-style campus is dazzling.The campus is clean and orderly, and the sound of children’s reading resounds under the blue sky and white clouds.”The improvement of school conditions has attracted many young teachers to take root in teaching, and the quality of education has improved year by year. The school has become a high quality school known far and wide.”Yang Xicai, the school’s principal, said the school has been attracting students back in recent years, increasing its enrollment to 463 from 190 a few years ago.”I love coming to school. Not only do I have good food to live in and it doesn’t cost me anything, but I also enjoy reading books, playing basketball with my friends every day and going to the movies every week.”From Wangzang town Wangzang village eighth grade students just let dongzhu told reporters.In the process of balanced development of education, the improvement of school running conditions is only the starting point, the school hardware standards are far from enough, the balance of teachers is the key.Therefore, in addition to vigorously introducing young teachers, Diabe County also adopts the way of exchange and rotation of primary and secondary school principals and teachers. On the one hand, the city teachers “carry the classics” and give full play to the demonstration and leading role of outstanding principals and backbone teachers.On the other hand, let rural teachers go to cities to “recharge” and improve their professional ability.At the same time, high schools, vocational schools, junior middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens in county towns will take the lead in establishing an urban and rural school education community with relatively weak rural schools to share high-quality education resources and jointly improve the quality and management of school education.According to statistics, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Dieb county added 189 teachers of each school section, more than 200 teachers in rotation within the county, and trained more than 8000 teachers.”The establishment and implementation of the exchange and rotation mechanism between principals and teachers has normalized and institutionalized the exchange and rotation mechanism, optimized the subject structure and age structure of teachers between schools, revitalized the teacher resources and enhanced the vitality of the teacher team.”Relevant person in charge said.In addition, the idea of promote the hardening of schools at all levels, purification, landscaping, lighting, green construction of the “five”, for the majority of teachers and students to create a comfortable and neat environment of study and life, and through the typical guide, hatch cultivation, built a batch of characteristic, identity, social satisfaction, county between teachers and students inside and outside influential characteristic school, promote the comprehensive development of students,Weak schools in the past have entered the “highway” of education reform and development.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: