Foreign media: “Bomb cyclone” pounded the eastern United States, bringing heavy snow and coastal flooding

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Boston, January 29 (AFP) – Strong winds and blinding snow pounded the eastern United States on Monday in a winter storm not seen in years, causing traffic chaos and power outages in a region of about 70 million people.New York, Boston and other major cities were pummeled by the storm, which the US National Weather Service confirmed was upgraded to a “bomb cyclone” on Wednesday.In Parts of New York and Massachusetts, more than 60 centimeters of snow was reported by late Afternoon, including at least 95,000 homes in Massachusetts without power.Boston, Jan. 29 (AP) — A hurricane-force storm lashed the Northeast Monday, bringing heavy snow and coastal flooding, and forecasters warned conditions would get worse, followed by severe cold.The storm hit parts of 10 states, including major population centers like Philadelphia, New York and Boston, the report said.By midday, more than 18 inches of snow had fallen on parts of the New Jersey shore and eastern Long Island.Most flights in and out of airports in New York, Boston and Philadelphia were canceled Monday, according to flight tracking websites.More than 4,500 flights were canceled nationwide.Amtrak canceled all of its Asela express trains between Boston and Washington, D.C., while canceling or limiting other service.Throughout the storm-hit area, residents had to crouch to avoid stinging snow particles whipped up by strong winds, the report said.Shops and businesses closed or opened late.New York Governor Eric Hochul reportedly advised people to stay home as the storm lasted longer than expected.She also warned that the storm could be followed by a sub-zero cold snap.The state declared a state of emergency on Saturday evening.Videos on social media showed areas south of Boston battered by strong winds and waves, with one street under water and residents of coastal towns near the New Hampshire border being asked to move to higher ground.”This is a very serious storm, very serious.We have been preparing for this and it could be life-threatening.”Hochul said.Snow shovel clears snow at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, the United States, Jan. 29, 2019.Xinhua News Agency (source: China Reference News)