Do a good job in “shopkeepers” to create “growth poles” and send tax red envelopes to “five new cities” in Shanghai

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In Shanghai, many factories in lingang New district, where Nanhui New Town is located, remain open during the Spring Festival.With the busy production of the festival, Shanghai tax authorities also sent various tax incentives “gift packages”.Since lingang new Area was inaugurated two years ago, policies such as 15% corporate income tax discount for key industries have been introduced.”Benefiting from various tax incentives, the company’s sales revenue in 2021 has exceeded 200 million yuan, and it is expected to achieve 20% to 30% growth in 2022.”Liu Guizhi, head of Shanghainanlin IC Co., LTD., which was included in the first preferential list, said, “The IC industry has invested a lot in research and development in the early stage, and the preferential policies of Lingang New Zone have added confidence and confidence for us to take root in Lingang and grow stronger.”Tax incentives for high-end pharmaceutical equipment enterprises exceed 25 million yuan in two years, and it only takes Half an hour for German enterprises to complete all tax-related matters in Shanghai…With the construction of Shanghai songjiang, Jiading, Qingpu, Fengxian and Nanhui “five new towns” from the planning and design stage to the development and construction stage, playing the role of “shopkeeper”, creating a new “growth pole”, the Shanghai tax department is speeding up.The picture shows tax staff carrying out tax promotion in G60 cloud creation space in Songjiang New Town.G60 KECHUANG Cloud Gallery is the “name card” of songjiang New Town development.Shanghai Aoxing Pharmaceutical Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in G60 Kechuang Cloud Gallery. Many of the core equipment for the production of COVID-19 vaccines on the market are from this company.”The science and innovation environment in the new city is very good, and the tax department has customized incubation services for enterprises, so that enterprises can boldly engage in RESEARCH and development and fully enjoy various preferential policies.”Yang Jie, financial officer of Shanghai Aoxing Pharmaceutical Technology Equipment Co., LTD, said, “Since 2020, enterprises have enjoyed a cumulative deduction of more than 25 million yuan for r&d expenses.”The picture shows tax staff visiting Shanghai Aoxing Pharmaceutical Technology Equipment Co., LTD to understand the production development.Jiading, another new city leading the high-end manufacturing industry, expanded the scope of advanced manufacturing VAT deduction from 4 industries to 9 industries at the end of the period.Shanghai Yunliang New Energy Technology Co., LTD., a hydrogen fuel cell developer, has benefited from the expansion of tax incentives.Han Jun, chief financial officer of the company, said the company developed the first generation of electric reactor products with independent intellectual property rights, and the tax rebate was used to purchase raw materials for the production of electric reactor.In addition to the precise implementation of various tax and fee preferential policies, the Taxation department of Shanghai launched practical and new recruitment services for newly established enterprises to attract all kinds of enterprises to settle in the new city.Shanghai Fengxian district tax department launched the “double screen” online tax terminal operation, become the most popular tax clerks in the area of the “black technology” products.It is understood that in the past three years, the number of newly established enterprises in Fengxian District has continued to show a double-digit growth, and currently the registered enterprises have exceeded 480,000.In the speed of running out of tax service, Qingpu New Town also gave a satisfactory answer.For example, during the 4th CIIE, exhibitors from Germany Functional Fabrics Exhibition Group decided to settle down in Qingpu and set up Shanghai Tengshi Exhibition Service Co., LTD.In the process of business handling, tian Engang, corporate representative, sighed, “Not only did it take more than an hour to get the business license, but also completed all tax-related matters in half an hour. Such efficient speed of tax handling greatly facilitated the new enterprises.”(Reporter Sang Tong) The author’s latest article “Winter Olympics wind” blowing into the Dabie Mountains set off a “ski fever” xinhua media + | CONTACT net workers: high-speed rail line “spider-man” revealed the real “sniper” related articles more than 200 national economic development zones how to innovate and improve?The Ministry of Commerce recruitment year two, I wish “like a tiger with wings added”!Zhejiang is higher than Shandong in tax revenue in general budget. There is a controversy: because zhejiang central enterprises are not as many as Shandong?Bank card has large amount of capital, but had never paid duty, duty wu branch will “rigorously check”?Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: