Biden’s strategy failed!Putin signed a decree setting the tone for Sino-Russian relations at a critical juncture in the conflict

2022-07-06 0 By

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed a decree awarding Russian Ambassador to China Sergei Denisov the medal of third-class Fatherland meritorious Service.This news immediately caused a lot of attention.The law was signed in late March, and Putin honored Denisov for his “great contribution to the realization of Russia’s foreign policy and many years of diplomatic activities,” Russia said.The move also means Putin is setting the tone for Sino-Russian relations, and Biden’s strategy has once again failed.Denisov has contributed to the friendship between The two countries by serving as Russia’s ambassador to China for many years and regularly interacting with Chinese netizens on social media.Putin signed a presidential decree awarding Denisov the Medal of third-class Fatherland Meritorious Service.Denisov began learning Chinese more than 50 years ago, and now, nearly 70 years old, denisov is still working hard on the front line of Russian diplomacy.Denisov has supported China on various occasions during his years of working in China.Especially when the Western media cooked up fake news about the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Denisov directly said that maliciously slandered Beijing Winter Olympic Games will only be futile.At a forum last year, Denisov bristled at western politicians who accused China of imposing its ideology on others, telling them to come up with examples and lose.Now Denisov has also become an important bridge between China and Russia.Now that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has entered a critical period, China’s position in this conflict has attracted much attention.Putin signed a presidential decree awarding Denisov the Medal of “Third-class Fatherland Meritorious Service”, which means that Biden’s ruse is completely bankrupt.After the russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, western politicians led by the United States have been carrying out moral kidnapping to China, asking China to condemn Russia. After China made its position clear, western countries still did not give up and even fabricated fake news saying that “China provides assistance to Russia”.While Putin signed a decree honoring Denisov, it also set the tone for Sino-Russian relations, which means that the Biden administration’s plan to drive a wedge between China and Russia has come to nothing.Since the outbreak of the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine, China has been holding an objective position, calling on all parties to return to the negotiation table and resolve the issue through diplomatic channels. China has also repeatedly stated that it does not want to see the situation between Russia and Ukraine go as far as it does today, and that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine should be viewed from a historical perspective.Unlike the United States and other Western countries, China will not join in a brazen condemnation of Russia. At the same time, China calls on all parties to listen to Russia’s legitimate demands for security concerns.If this objective stance still displeases America, it needs to consider whether it is acting too domineering.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu