“Xie Yuanhua, if have violate rules, please contact me!”

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On the evening of January 20, a special “missing person notice” appeared in the owners of a residential community in Lecong, Foshan, Guangdong province. A mother is looking for the rescuer of her daughter. Now the little girl is no longer in serious condition.Did he break any rules?…On the afternoon of January 20, 2022, Ms Zhu and her one-and-a-half year old daughter were relaxing in a park near The Dongping Primary School in Foshan, Foshan. While drinking water from a thermos flask, the daughter danced around, causing an accident.She fell to the ground with her thermos, hitting her chin on the edge of the bottle and causing a gash of about 3cm.Suddenly, the little girl’s chin was bleeding profuse.A distraught Ms Zhu covered her daughter’s wound as she ran out of the road to stop the car for help.However, due to the close of the New Year, dongping Primary School next door has also been on holiday, the surrounding road traffic is scarce, Ms. Zhu could not find a driver to help, panic began to cry.Fortunately, Xie Yuanhua, who had just picked up his child and was on his way home, drove by and saw the mother asking for help.After learning about the little girl, Xie Yuanhua said nothing and then picked up Ms. Zhu and her daughter and rushed to the nearby Foshan Women’s and Children’s Hospital.Time is life, looking at the crying little girl and panicked Ms Zhu, Xie Yuanhua stepped on the accelerator and sped all the way, in order to take a faster step to the hospital.As the father of Xie Yuanhua in the face of this situation, steady hold of the steering wheel at the same time, but also did not forget to comfort the side of Ms Zhu.After arriving at the hospital in less than 10 minutes, Xie yuanhua watched the mother and daughter enter the hospital and left without telling Zhu her name.Fortunately, she was taken to hospital in time and the wound was not seriously infected. She received stitches and returned home safely that night.Ms Zhu, the point opened the community owner group, hair at the beginning of the article.Zhu and her daughter “I was so confused that I didn’t remember his license plate, and I was worried that the parent would be punished because of me,” zhu said.Ms. Zhu said that she hoped to be able to release “missing person notice” in the owner group to find the warm-hearted driver as soon as possible.Ms. Zhu’s “missing person notice” was soon spread on many owner groups. Xie Yuanhua’s warm-hearted behavior and excellent quality moved countless citizens, and finally found the contact information of Mr. Xie in a parent group.”At the beginning, my heart was stunned for a moment. When I saw the children’s clothes all stained with blood, I knew the situation was very critical. I simply understood the situation and immediately sent them to the hospital.”‘The situation was really critical,’ Mr. Xie said. ‘I believe whoever saw it would have done so without hesitation. The most important thing is that the little girl is safe.’Source: Sound of greater Bay Area, Foshan News