Woman in Nanchang “your beauty” beauty muddle-headed back 70 thousand yuan loan, reporter unannounced

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“Now I feel uncomfortable every day. When my phone rings, I worry that it is the platform calling for debt, and I don’t even want to spend the Spring Festival.”Recently, Ms. Liang of Jiujiang felt very painful, all of which stemmed from an operation.Last August, Liang underwent surgery at the Guimei Medical Cosmetology clinic in Nanchang, only to incur a loan of more than 70,000 yuan.”They were using my phone, and it was confusing.”Ms Liang says she now feels pressure to make monthly payments.In this regard, the relevant person in charge of guimei said that Ms. Liang knew about the amount of surgery and the loan voluntarily, and they were willing to help Ms. Liang communicate and negotiate with the loan platform.Nanchang Xihu District Health Commission and nanchang Xihu District Market Supervision Bureau chaonong branch staff said that after verification, they will coordinate the two parties involved to deal with the matter.On August 11, 2021, Ms. Liang, 21 years old, was introduced by a friend and came to the “Gui-mei” beauty salon on Taohua South Road, Xihu District, Nanchang City.Her program of choice is total autogenous fat filling and costal cartilage rhinoplasty.”At that time, the other party gave me an interview and told me the related fees, totaling more than 70,000 yuan.”She said the cost was too high to afford, Ms. Liang recalled.But the other party said that this is only a preliminary calculation of the price, there will be a preferential price.”The salon staff took me to a small room, took away my phone and downloaded an APP called ‘Instalment’, which was tied to my ID card.”Liang said the whole process was done by salon staff as she had submitted her ID card earlier.Accompanied by the staff of the beauty center, Ms. Liang went to yunfei Road Branch of CCB to apply for a bank card.”Before the surgery, I went through the loan process under the guidance of the other person, and many people surrounded me and talked to me, which clouded my judgment.”Ms. Liang told reporters that she completed the operation on August 13 and paid 57,900 yuan to the hospital through “immediate instalment”, including 50,000 yuan for costal cartilage rhinoplasty (repayment in 24 phases) and 7,900 yuan for total autologous fat filling (repayment in 12 phases), plus interest.Liang had to pay a total of 74,551 yuan to the loan platform.”I just entered the society and haven’t found a job yet. I need to pay about 3,500 yuan every month. I really can’t afford it.Ms. Liang said that she repeatedly looked for “guimei” responsible person to communicate, but failed to negotiate.Unannounced staff take reporter mobile phone download loan APP Ms Liang said is true?Does “Your Beauty” conduct loan business for consumers?In the afternoon of February 14, the reporter came to the beauty salon with the identity of consumers.”I want to do canthus opening and eye comprehensive project, how much is the price?”After the reporter asked questions, a woman who claimed to be the consulting director told reporters that there are many preferential activities at the moment, all kinds of discounts, the operation will cost 15,800 yuan.”If you think the price is too high, you can pay in installments.There is now zero down payment, full installment means, you made a salary, can every month reimbursement.About 1,400 yuan per month for 12 months.”Beauty salon consulting director said that the loan is with the formal bank cooperation, the bank has staff stationed in the beauty salon, as long as there is no problem with consumer credit, immediately can borrow.Subsequently, beauty salon staff member takes a reporter to come to independent room to do “loan”, and take the reporter’s mobile phone to undertake operation, downloaded a name is “buy buy fun” APP, ask a reporter to log in, verify.The reporter left Your beauty, saying, “Think it over.”Response shop owner: consumers are willing to coordinate interest relief for Ms. Liang’s experience, February 15 morning, the reporter came to “the United States” interview.”Expensive beauty” director Ms Zhang told reporters, first of all, consumer Ms Liang on the operation amount and loan process is informed, loan department Ms Liang voluntary completion.Secondly, Ms. Liang’s operation was relatively successful without any problems.Finally, if Ms. Liang thinks the fee is too high or the interest is too high, the hospital is willing to communicate and coordinate with the loan platform to help Ms. Liang reduce the interest. If the negotiation fails, it is suggested that Ms. Liang solve the matter through legal channels.When the reporter reported that the beauty salon staff took consumers’ mobile phones to download the loan APP, Ms. Zhang responded that it was not she who served Ms. Liang at that time, and she did not know how the specific loan was completed, and she needed to know before making a reply.Zhang could not be reached for comment at press time.On the morning of February 15, the reporter reported Ms. Liang’s experience to the Xihu District Health Commission of Nanchang city and the Chaoyang Branch of Xihu District Market Supervision Bureau.”First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the so-called ‘beauty loan’ is a loan platform of beauty salons or a loan platform cooperating with beauty salons. If the platform is not formal, it will be dealt with by the banking regulatory department. If the loan platform is formal, consumers can safeguard their rights and interests through judicial prosecution and other ways.”Officials from the Xihu District Health Commission said they will coordinate communication between the two parties involved in the case in the coming days.”If the lending platform is not run by the beauty salon itself, it does not involve the business beyond the scope, and it is a ‘business model’ for beauty agencies to recommend loans to consumers.”Xihu District bureau of market supervision toward agriculture branch to remind consumers, in the loan must be read in detail before the loan contract content, prudent loan.”Ms. Liang has filed a complaint on our platform, and we will check it later and coordinate the two parties involved to come to our bureau for communication.”Yang Cheng, a lawyer from Beijing Zhonglun Wande (Nanchang) Law firm, told reporters that for online loan companies, as long as the logic is reasonable, can be sure that Ms. Liang herself is operating, the interest rate level does not exceed the supreme Law judicial interpretation standards, the subject qualification is legal, there is no invalidity of the contract, the loan contract is valid.But if before beauty consumer contracts, beauty salon is not comprehensive truthfully inform the loan contract content, there is no real authorization by the ms liang loans would help its bid to host the network, to make a wrong judgment to ms liang beauty consumer contracts, beauty salon obvious contracting negligence, therefore did not contract, ms liang can maintain their own rights and interests through legal channels.”This kind of situation, need Ms. Liang to provide relevant evidence.”Source: jiangnan Metropolis Daily