Wang Jieyu: first love was poach by bestie, retired from the entertainment industry to give him 2 sons, but no family status

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When it comes to Hong Kong, its night scene is the most attractive. Countless stars dot the night sky like gorgeous lights, dazzling and charming.Equally charming as the Hong Kong night view of the general prosperity of the Hong Kong circle rich families.Hong Kong circle rich family is the fight for the female star, is countless people are willing to take the risk of being squeezed brain broken, also want to go into “enjoy” the upper society, which caused the big men left embrace right embrace, “polygamy” chaos.However, many people do not care about these behaviors contrary to today’s social view, only think that the rich and powerful everywhere good, heart eyes are full of greed to the rich and powerful flames.Do not hesitate to put low price, be willing to do four for three.Looking around, many wealthy wives are either from a scholarly family.Or financial industry gold, those who have ambition to rise to the top of the wild model is rare.Ordinary women are nothing more than the playthings of rich boys.But there was one person in particular who was herself born into a wealthy family.Can voluntarily become the second wife of others, although gave birth to two sons but nameless.She is Wang Jieyu.Wang Jieyu’s background is not simple. She was born in an elite family in 1970.His father, Wang Jien-chiu, was a famous judge in Hong Kong at the time, his sister was one of the ten elite lawyers, and his brother was a beloved doctor.Under the edify of this kind of family background, oneself cannot become useful also say past!Wang Jieyu is also very ambitious. After studying abroad, she became an excellent lawyer with her sister. Her smart talent raised no small waves in the lawyer circle of Hong Kong.Originally, Wang Jieyu had a bright future, and she could find a person about her life history to tie the knot.But I did not expect that she is “single-minded”, just want to marry a rich family.It was a family so rich and so inferior to her that it was hard to understand.At that time, although Huang Jieyu looks not outstanding, less than the Hong Kong circle god beauty Guan Zhilin one tenth of the people.But fortunately, she has a brilliant talent temperament, knowledge is also very rich, still in the high society.With her knowledge of the ability, Wang Jieyu alongside the Joseph Lau.Joseph Lau but Hong Kong stock market sniper, galloping shopping malls full of courage, around his girlfriend is every few days for a change.The most well-known about the Lin, Michelle Reis, even “empress” CAI Shaofen also with him for six years.But in a period of time, he seems to be tired of playing beauty, like Wang Jieyu.To know the first love Of Wang Jieyu although not ugly, but compared with those in the entertainment industry natural eclipsed.Even the media chided Mr Lau as “you like it”.To no one’s surprise, their love affair lasted for a long time.To describe Huang Jieyu in Mr Lau’s words: “She is very smart and intellectual”.He could always provide for all her material needs.Not only that, he also took Wang Jieyu in and out of various places of fame and wealth.Make friends with all kinds of rich and powerful people, one of them is Cheng Yu-tung.He is one of the ten richest Chinese in the world and the son-in-law of Chow Tai Fook Jewelry.He often played cards with Joseph Lau and was both a teacher and a friend.Two people gradually familiar, and then he often stood behind Wang Jieyu, but this is the story of the future.When he was with this man, Wang Jieyu was full of him.But in her mind, as well as the mirror, she knew That Joseph Lau was a philanderer.Also often with those ex-girlfriends, flirtation, but he can only see in the eye, the pain buried in the heart.I thought I could hold a man’s heart by being silent and obedient, but something happened.A bestie corner, Wang Jieyu wrapped Joseph Lau to go shopping in Britain, just met her bestie in a luxury store.Also love rival – Lu Lijun.At that time, Lu Lijun, who was studying in the UK for a work-study program, would come to the luxury store every weekend to do odd jobs, the purpose of which is obvious, in order to meet the frequent shopping of the top rich and powerful to take the opportunity to rise.And she has both body and face, as well as a high level of education.His own background is not humble, in the shop to follow Joseph Lau behind the heart.She on the one hand to please Wang Jieyu, and she talked, confide in.On the other hand to Joseph Lau and ogling, everywhere on the scheming.Wang Jieyu at this time is like a silly white sweet, when she really react, everything is too late.She often quarreled with Joseph Lau about Lu Lijun.When the man put forward to break up when she is not reconciled to such defeat, even not hesitate to threaten with life.Zheng Yu-tong also came forward to support her.In fact, she and her boyfriend have been fighting before this.Because my personality is very irritable, it is easy to quarrel because of some small things.Like a spoiled little princess.Joseph Lau this could not stand unreasonable she, and then there was a gentle and considerate Lv Lijun.I talked to him softly and tickled my heart. How could I not fall into the trap?At first Joseph Lau could be patient, but later people were too weak to swallow elephants.Wang Jieyu’s greed for money and power is increasingly strong, so that he is very dissatisfied, in a fit of anger, he abandoned Wang Jieyu, turned to Lv Lijun’s sweet soft embrace.Maybe it is really love this man, maybe it is their greed has not been satisfied.After breaking up, Wang Jieyu suffered from severe depression and even wanted to commit suicide to take her own life.Subsequently, this woman also gradually disappeared in the circle, everyone “schadenfreude” : the former Hong Kong circle talented girl has now become an abandoned son, people casually play with.But I did not expect that in 2016, Cheng Yu-tong died in the obituary.But her name reappeared, shocking the media.3, secretly gave birth to a bastard did not think and Joseph Lau after breaking up frustrated Wang Jieyu for a period of time, immediately took zheng Yu-tong’s eldest son Zheng Jiachon.In fact, Cheng jiachun’s wind evaluation is still good, never what lace news, also do not mix night performances.Being honest didn’t do much good.It is worth mentioning that his ability and talent are far less than his father, and he is always overwhelmed by his father, and his heart is very depressed and can not be released.Finally endure to his father retired his position to take over the company, but accept not a week the company is a mess.The whole stock market crazy drop, can only let his father out of the mountains, to their own “wipe the ass”.So from the outside, Cheng jiachun also completely lost the trust of the Don.He also hesitated not to succeed, when he was down and out Wang Jieyu appeared in his side to give him warmth and comfort.In this way, he left his family behind and fell into tenderness.Think this fate also thanks to Joseph Lau.After all, he personally introduced Wang Jieyu to the Zheng family, now mother with son expensive, want to come later without her benefits.Despite the support of his two sons, the identity of “mistress” and “second wife” still seems to be particularly awkward.Is a very shameful thing, which makes you wonder why she is so reckless?In fact, the circle of discerning people can see Cheng Jiachun’s big wife, in order to her now “unscrupulous” contributed a lot of efforts!After all, as the saying goes, “When the tiger is away, the one-eyed man is king.”Zheng pure wife Ye Meiqing and wang Jieyu is this state.Ye Meiqing is a standard rich and powerful lady, to have appearance, to have background background.Every gesture and every step exudes elegant noble gas, usually is also rich and luxurious, dress when exquisite.She also enjoys all the recreational activities that rich ladies enjoy, playing mah-jongg and attending high-class parties.And made friends, so much so that there was a big scandal.In 2002, Cheng ka-chun and his wife Yip Mei-ching were in love in front of the camera.The husband is honest and honest, the wife is beautiful, elegant and charming, is the best partner on the surface.Nor did Cheng think he would one day become the focus of the entertainment media.Not because of his side of the news, but because his wife put on his “cuckolded”.That year, Ye meiqing went to England with her personal dance teacher, Wang Yonggang.Act close, more than just friends.Holding hands in the street in broad daylight, like a couple in love.Then in 2003, Zheng Jiachuan holding Wang Jieyu’s intimate photos were exposed by the media, two people’s secret love is also suspected to have been opened.However, the couple for these two “extramarital affairs” have given a great denial, it seems that no one wants to bow to admit.It is said that ye Meiqing and Wang Jieyu even drew up an agreement, she told Wang Jieyu as long as it does not endanger the status of his wife, will not interfere with her close contact with Zheng Jiachen.Although Ye Meiqing did not care about the emergence of Wang Jieyu, But Zheng Yu-tong was not angry.Where once she had been smiling and full of joy, now her whole black face was denouncing her for shame.After all, Wang Jieyu became his son’s extramarital heroine from his girlfriend.All of a sudden, the change of generation is great, who should be troubled in the heart, can’t accept it?In the eyes of Cheng Yu-tong his daughter-in-law only ye Mei Qing a person, his grandson also only the principal son Cheng Zhigang.Wang Jieyu’s two sons she did not put them in the eyes, personally made a will to the company to Do.Unfortunately, Wang Jieyu, busy for most of her life, the last property did not get anything.Fortunately, she had also made a lot of money in the old days, winning most of the new world’s lawsuits.So say, rich family is really complex terrible, can make a person greed edify heart, play with fire burn oneself, also can let a person chicken change phoenix.Now the Zheng family is not completely separated, the story of the Zheng family is far from over.With Wang Jieyu’s character and her excellent ability to fight lawsuits, she must have found a good way out for herself.I’m sure the chances are slim, but you never know what the future holds, do you?