Property tax “standards” released: The Ministry of Finance gave the answer, what do you think of it?

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The consequence of excessively high housing price is that the per capita debt ratio also increases. If everyone is burdened with heavy mortgage, it is not conducive to the development of the domestic real economy.Therefore, it is also necessary to regulate and control the real estate industry. Cracking down on real estate speculation is not only to enable ordinary people to have a house to live in, but also to enable them to have savings for other consumption.Property tax is an important part of the regulation of housing prices, property tax collection standards, will be a big blow to speculators.First, real estate regulation before there are many times of news that China will begin to introduce property tax standards, now the Ministry of Finance has given a clear answer, has been piloted in individual areas.This also indicates that it will be formally introduced soon, the real estate tax is bound to cause a certain impact on the real estate industry.Tax is an important means to regulate the market, the real estate tax for real estate can effectively control the market failure, let the housing price return to a stable range.The original value of the house is to live in, but in the past decade, it has been used as a tool to make money, the housing price has been soaring, so that ordinary people can not afford to buy a house, even if they buy a house, they have to carry a mortgage.This is also an important reason for China’s high per capita debt ratio. If housing prices are left unchecked, it will be detrimental to the entire national economy.To promote the real estate tax is to make the housing price fall in a stable way through macro-control, thus promoting the sustained and healthy development of the national economy.As we all know, the reason for the high house price is not how high the cost of a house is, nor is it because the house is scarce and in short supply, but there are some speculative houses, the capital in the hands of the real estate, through the purchase of multiple houses to wait for the appreciation.As a result, there are fewer homes on the market, and speculators wait for prices to rise before dumping them at a higher price.2. Tax regulation Because of these multiple house owners, it also leads to people who regard the house as a necessity of life can not afford to buy a house.They can buy expensive houses only by borrowing money from the bank. When a person spends most of his salary on houses, his quality of life naturally decreases.The introduction of real estate tax will hurt the interests of speculators, but it will benefit the general public if housing prices are controlled.With property tax standards in place, stockpiling houses increases the cost, because speculators pay higher taxes the more homes they own.The same is true for developers, who, in order to minimize their carrying costs, are looking for ways to sell, and the best way to do that is to cut prices.So it can be expected that the interests of developers and speculators will be damaged, before swallowing a large number of houses speculators if they can not sell in time, the loss is also possible.At present, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant departments have confirmed the implementation of the real estate tax, but the concrete implementation will take some time, people who have more than one house should also be prepared.Conclusion In 2022, the real estate tax will be implemented on a pilot basis in some big cities, and then the state will make adjustments according to the feedback. The final implementation plan will also fully listen to the opinions of the general public.The plan set preliminarily is the levy standard of each person 40 flat, the number of a family multiplied by 40 is the tax standard area of the house.People who own more than two houses are under more pressure because it means paying more taxes.