Don’t be poisoned by money!Use your money wisely!Be a good and noble person

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We should not be haggling over every ounce in our dealings with others. If we look lightly on money, there will be no resentment.Be patient with your words and anger will pass away after a while.Now people are very poor, because a lot of people have been poisoned by money, eyes only interests, in addition to money, can not see any family, friendship, love.One time WHEN I was at home, a boss was waiting for me in his car downstairs and asked his secretary to come up to me.When the secretary came up, I said I was busy and would be down in a minute.He said, “No one dares to keep our leaders waiting.”I smiled and said nothing.After I finished my work and saw the leader downstairs, I said to him: “IN my eyes, there are no leaders and bosses of these two identities, only friends and elders.The leader asked, “Why?”I said, “It’s easy for a boss to go bankrupt, and it’s easy for a leader to retire.Friends and elders are different. Friends never go bad and elders never retire.”On the bus, we see the old man will give him a seat, but no one said this is a leader, give him a seat.Therefore, we should not be haggling over every detail when dealing with people. Status and identity will not be enveloped in your life, let alone be blinded by money to our kindness and compassion.Kindness in my life, since the age of 11 or 12, I associate with a lot of elders, but no matter how senior leaders, in my eyes are just elders, in addition to the elders are friends, nothing else.I firmly believe that these two identities are never bankrupt and always equal.But now we have some interpersonal communication, most of the emphasis on other people’s title, position, money these external things.I once attended a dinner party, there was a large table of people to eat, when introducing each other not only say the name, but also introduce is so-and-so bureau so-and-so leader, eat half of the time, we began to leave a phone call each other, said that if there is anything in the future will trouble leaders to help.I see, this meal has no taste, because this meal is to eat benefits, the leadership ate such a meal is difficult to digest.In the past, people said that milk is mother. I didn’t believe it at first, but now I do.Our humanity is now extremely weak, so Di Zi GUI is the book we must learn in our life.”Wealth is light, resentment is not born”, I hope we can really understand, if we can really do the property look very light, very thin, our hatred will not come.For parents, too, every son and daughter is the meat of the palm of the hand for parents, and it is normal for parents to have a little bias towards their children.We should not hate our parents because of their preference, or even do not show kindness to them or respect them.We have a lot of resentment these days, and it comes from two things: possessiveness and control.We want to be greedy, more possession, more control, hope that our parents do what we say, hope that the boss praises us every day, hope that the leaders listen to our words, hope that they do not want money, give us all the money.Even buy a dish, can not cut down the price will be angry.This is because we did not do “light”, so the resentment.If we were not greedy for our parents’ property, we would never Sue our brothers and sisters.If we really take property seriously, we will never have revenge and resentment against the boss.It is because of the mentality of paying attention to money and forgetting righteousness that leads to no taste of people now.Brothers who have conflicts over their parents’ property can stay out of touch for more than a decade or even decades.In order to give ourselves time to make money and enjoy ourselves, we send our parents to nursing homes, so that they become lonely old people who only eat and drink and no one cares.Because we value money too much, so that we even neglect the family.Nowadays, people’s memory is very poor, even his parents’ birthday he can not remember, but if anyone owes him money, after 10 years he can remember, so it can be seen that the power of affection is not as powerful as the power of money.A lot of rich people these days don’t even think it’s cool to run people over with their cars.Why is that?Just because they have money, they don’t think there’s anything wrong.They don’t even have the most basic humanity, think money is omnipotent, by money poison.I often say: “Friends, we must not be poor only with money, it is very poor, really very poor.There are only three purposes for us to make money. First, to have a happy family with a harmonious husband and wife and clever children.You will be happy to earn money and give them flowers, so that you will not lose the meaning of making money.Second, make good teachers and good friends.A good teacher can teach us how to behave, so that we know how to repay kindness;A good friend can remind us not to do things that violate laws and disciplines, to be honest with others, to be tolerant and compassionate, and to improve our practice, cultivation and personality charm.Third, the children become successful.The richer a family is, the more it should educate its children so that they can establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values and become useful people to society in the future.That’s what we make money for.But what do people do for money these days?It just makes the family unhappy.Now some people have money after the first change of wife, raise small honey.After rich, he looked down on the knot of his wife who shared joys and sorrows with him. He complained that his wife was old and ugly, and blamed his parents, relatives and friends.Because he felt that he was rich, very important, so he put on a superior attitude, began to blame his parents what conditions did not create for him, how can he, and so on.The second purpose of being rich should have been to make friends with good teachers.But now some people make fair-weather friends, eat and drink every day.When I get rich, I’ll be the boss, paying for everything.When those friends saw that the blood on this man was worth some money, they were going to suck him dry.Once the boss ran out of money, his fair-weather friends disappeared without a trace.When the chips are down, family is the only thing that sticks with you.The third bad thing about being rich is that you kill your children.Why do you say so? Because some parents don’t know how to educate their children after they have money. They only take money to satisfy their children.This kind of family brings up children who only know how to keep up with the Joneses.All I care about is money, not parents.When these kids grow up, they’re gonna lose everything.He’d even kill his parents for money.Now, of course, it’s not just the rich who can’t educate their children, but also the poor. We’re all poisoned by money.If we are “light on possessions” and think little of money, fame and wealth, then our resentment will not arise, we will live a wise life, our emotional level will be very complete, and our life will naturally be happier than others.In fact, the pursuit of fame and wealth of life is very hard, why?Wealth without wisdom, without virtue is self-destruction.In this world, we must live out our humanity’s compassion and virtue, and offer our love to others. We must say more kind words, and do not always say bitter words.When you talk about parental negligence, your filial piety is gone.Nowadays, many children complain to their parents that too few people praise their parents.Qin Dongkui — Opening the Door of Happiness