Toshiba memory turned armor, power storage device award-winning, you must use these two

2022-07-04 0 By

In October 2019, Toshiba Memory was renamed kaixia, removed the pressure of Toshiba name, Kaixia started again.This time, kaixia’s 4 products won 8 awards on 5 science and technology digital platforms, and gained a lot.Do yourself by strength, the year of the Ox is vigorous, the year of the Tiger is off to a good start, kaixia this “xia” word can be described as deserved.

Today, I would like to recommend two kaixia award-winning products that I have personally experienced to see where they really are.The first product is Kaixia RC20 SSD (G2).This is an old computer upgrade, new computer installed solid-state drive necessary, 1T capacity, can be used as a system disk, or as a whole disk.The RC20 can read up to 2100MB/S, and a HIGH-DEFINITION movie can be copied in 2 seconds, which is cool to use.

The most obvious feeling of the SSD system is that the boot speed is very fast.The boot speed of the old computer before is about 1 minute, but after changing this RC20, it only takes 10 seconds from pressing the power to entering the lock screen, and the time is even shorter if it is a newly assembled computer.If your motherboard supports the M.2 2280 specification, it is highly recommended to try it, exaggeration will refresh your perception of the computer experience.

The second product is the XD10 mobile SOLID-state drive.These two years the space of mobile hard disk is climbing unceasingly, I have seen the highest 16T, not only the capacity is a bit exaggerated, the volume is also not small!Kaixia’s XD10 mobile SSD is one of the smallest mobile hard drives I’ve ever seen.

Instead of the usual boxy box shape, the curved surface and large rounded corners make it look less like a serious hard drive and more like a small, portable storage box.Due to the use of USB 3.2 Gen2 interface, sequential reading speed can reach 1050MB/s, and the original flash memory particles with more assured.

Now in ultra miniaturization development mobile hard disk, SSD just can do this, stability in volume and believe that the trend of the future will be mobile SSD and fusion of U disk, the tide of a new generation of portable storage equipment, metal clad man has begun to lead, this product also won the national award three mainstream media, interested friends can also watch.

If you have used the storage products of kaixia, you can write your experience in the comment section, looking forward to your comments and sharing.