Russia’s withdrawal of live video out!Stocks rose in a straight line

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Troops from Russia’s western and southern military districts have completed exercises and are returning to their bases by rail and road, Interfax news agency quoted the Russian Defense ministry as saying on Tuesday.The Kremlin’s latest response was that it was normal and not new to pull some troops back to their bases after exercises.”We will believe it when we see it,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Demitro Kuleba told a news conference.If we see a withdrawal, we will believe there is a de-escalation.”Sergei Nikiforov, spokesman for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, also said: “Any troops that are withdrawn can be quickly returned, and we view these reports with great caution.”Russia withdrew its troops, global stock markets rebounded, and the Russia-Ukraine war evaporated like this?”Units of the southern and western military districts will start returning to their military posts today,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.”The Russian military will also continue to conduct exercises in multiple regions, involving almost all military districts, fleets and airborne units,” he added.Konashenkov told the media, “The forces of the Eastern Military District and the airborne forces are actively cooperating with the Belarusian armed forces to study the issue of thwarting the aggression of alliance states (NATO) ‘in defensive operations’.Naval exercises involving surface ships, submarines and naval aviation are taking place in waters adjacent to Russian territory.”The Interfax report also stressed that Russia had no plans to invade Ukraine.Russian Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov also said Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready for talks on Ukraine and security guarantees.Peskov said Putin has always insisted on resolving problems through negotiations and diplomacy.The news eased the tension between Russia and Ukraine a little, and the global markets immediately rebounded. As of press time, the three major INDEX futures in the US were up around 1%, while European stocks also rebounded significantly.Russia’s MOEX stock index rose 3.54% to 3,604.58.In this regard, there are more comments, it seems that tomorrow I big A steady!German Chancellor Angela Scholz arrived in Moscow Thursday for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.The two leaders plan to discuss hot issues on the bilateral and international agendas, including issues related to providing long-term, legally binding security guarantees to the Russian Federation, resolving the internal conflict in Ukraine, and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.After meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday, Scholz said he was looking forward to meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also mentioned Russian President Vladimir Putin in a post on his Weibo account in Chinese on Sunday afternoon.”We are on the edge of a cliff, but President Putin still has time to step back and think.We urge everyone to engage in dialogue — the Russian government should avoid decisions that would be disastrously wrong for the country.””Johnson wrote on Twitter.Oil prices peak after Russia-Ukraine warDespite the brief respite in tensions with Ukraine, global capital markets rebounded and crude oil prices retreated.However, Dongwu Securities (8.090, 0.05, 0.62%) predicted that oil prices would peak even if war broke out between Russia and Ukraine.Sooko Securities believes that since February 2022, as fears of a war between Russia and Ukraine continue to grow, Brent has soared to close to the $100 mark.As global oil supplies continue to lag strong demand growth, foreign institutions such as Bank of America and jpmorgan chase expect Brent prices to rise above $120 in the event of war.Yet for half a century, we did see the peak of oil prices every time Russia waged a military war against its neighbours.From the perspective of history since 1970, Russia (the Soviet Union before 1991) has launched a total of five large-scale wars, except the two wars against Chechnya in the Russian Federation in 1994 and 1999, the other three wars against neighboring countries witnessed the peak of oil prices in every major bull market.Source: FINANCE Union: No more?Russia’s withdrawal of live video out!Us stocks straight up, see the latest response to the Palace!Investors: tomorrow big A steady