Cover exclusive | even line women’s soccer captain Wang Shanshan father: girl’s hard, others don’t know I know

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Cover news reporter Yan Wenwen Wu Deyu Luoyang friends and relatives such as phase asked, a frozen heart in the green.Wang Shanshan, the captain of China’s women’s soccer team, was named MVP of the 2022 Asian Cup after winning the women’s Asian Cup final on Feb 6.Wang shanshan is from Luoyang, Henan Province.On the morning of February 7th, the cover news reporter called Wang Ruijin, wang shanshan’s father, and talked about the women’s football team winning the gold medal and his daughter’s achievements. The cheerful Wang’s father was very happy, he revealed that he had a video with his child last night, the girl was very happy, and everyone in her team was very happy.Because Wang Shanshan is currently single, her parents have mentioned before that wang Shanshan should find a partner. To this, Wang’s father responded: “This time I don’t mention finding a partner, because the child is too busy!”On the evening of February 6th, wang Shanshan’s parents and their PE teacher in primary school, the captain of Chinese women’s football team, watched the match in Dongsheng Sanxiao, Jianxi District, Luoyang, Wang Shanshan’s Alma mater.After winning the title, Wang’s father faced the camera and shouted excitedly, “My daughter is the best!”The whole game ups and downs, referred to the first half 0-2 down when the mood, Wang dad said: “0-2 down, said (I) not nervous, in fact, a little.For me, if they play their normal game, this game will be won.Because as the girls told me, if they play the way the coach wants them to, they’re gonna win.So after the first half, I didn’t get excited because I felt like I was going to win.Although there was no goal in the first half, but then the coach moved the children to the front, the defender to the striker, suddenly, the whole team scored three goals!”After the game last night, the family spoke to Shan via video link again, and Wang’s happiness was clear. “The girl is happy, everyone on her team is happy, my dad is happy, my mom is happy.”According to Geng Hongjie, wang Shanshan’s physical education teacher in primary school, Wang Shanshan showed outstanding athletic talent when she was in primary school, and was strong in various aspects such as coordination consciousness in group sports:In a volleyball match, one can beat six of the other team. In a school sports day, all the boys can beat her.She sticks to you like a nail.”In fact, it is understood that Luoyang jianxi district Dongsheng three small advantage project is volleyball, originally Shan shan is from the volleyball court to the football field.”Geng, the boy’s coach, saw his son’s good physical quality and said it would be a pity not to do sports,” Wang recalled.But if you play volleyball, the height of more than 1.8 meters, it is recommended to let the child to play football.I said if the baby likes it, let her go.The child said she liked it and let her go.”In addition, her father is a die-hard soccer fan, wang shanshan officially switched to soccer after graduating from primary school.Of Shanshan’s upbringing, Wang says: “It was tough. She went to Tianjin to play football at the age of 13 and a half.The child likes football, so we let her go.There was no confusion when I made this decision.No matter become or not, anyway his daughter is happy, achievement become, now is become, not also so.Mom and dad did not say that she had to succeed, rely on her own efforts.Step by step, all depends on the child’s own efforts.”Most let parents love dearly is that Shan is very sensible, call home: “never report good news not bad news.Just talking about the good things on the team and not saying anything about the problems you’re having.”One netizen said: “These days I set my profile picture as Wang Shanshan, the Captain of China, only to find that there are several layers of muscle stickers on my knees in the big picture. How much pain I have to go through.”To this, Wang’s father was very distressed: “There is water on the child’s legs.”Finally or that sentence: “the girl’s hard, others do not know I know.”Wang Shanshan and Shuiqingxia coach figure according to Wang Shanshan micro-blog this time back not to mention looking for objects children want to eat “are arranged!”Wang Shanshan can play both forward and guest guard.Wang Shanshan’s priceless goal in the semi-final win over Japan sent the Chinese women’s soccer team to victory in extra time and a penalty shootout.Xiao yuyi’s game-winning goal in the final against South Korea also came from an assist from Wang Shanshan.Her father was very proud of her: “The girl is very good at dealing with the world. She gets along well with everyone, no matter the coach or her teammates. She speaks highly of her.Down-to-earth and capable, that’s the kind of kid she is.”Last year, when she kicked a girl in Tianjin, Shan took three days to go home.Shan only goes home three or four days a year, but she also keeps training at home.According to her father, Shanshan is very filial, not only buying a wheelchair for her 80-year-old grandmother, but also giving her red envelopes during the Spring Festival.”Although we have experienced ups and downs, the Asian Cup has shown the excellence of Chinese women’s football to everyone,” Wang said at the post-match press conference after winning the gold medal.To be named MVP, I want to thank my teammates for supporting me and helping me when I was captain.”As for how she would like to celebrate, Wang shanshan said: “I want to go back to China to eat delicious food!”According to her parents, Wang’s favorite food is shredded potato and noodles made by her mother.”It’s all been arranged!” said Father Wang.Shan, who is single, had previously been told by her parents to find a partner.Regarding the criteria of choosing a husband, Wang Shanshan’s father once said, as long as his daughter likes it.Talking about the matter again, Wang said: “We used to mention this to the child, the child told us, she does not have time.After the national team is over, I have to go back to my club to play games. After the club matches, I have to attend the national team training camp, so I don’t have the chance to talk to anyone.The fate of things, as soon as it comes.”