CCTV Yuanxiao party line-up is strong: Gong Jun Liu Yuning and other appeared to record, invited too meng

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The annual Lantern Festival gala is officially underway. Hunan SATELLITE TV announced its guests by guessing lantern riddles, while CCTV is more obscure. It has not directly revealed the name list of the guests, but in fact, it has quietly started to record the stage.So we can come out from the Reuters figure guest Gong Jun appeared to record the condition of field flow not the kui is a top flow, such a heavyweight party without his figure, on February 10, Gong Jun wore a long white coat, don’t forget to arrange clothes out of the studio, is to keep warm and to cover the inside of the clothes, but can still see his red suit pants,Must be very festive programme he has absolutely no shelf, fans excited Shouting after he saw him, he did not feel tired, but warmly greeting fans, two-way to make fans cry yu-ning liu wind fans at the airport to airport Reuters good yu-ning liu, filmed the video, the video yu-ning liu in englund dust coat, tie-in jeans white shoe, start to very glamorous,I do not know how to participate in the CCTV Lantern Festival party will bring wonderful stage?Please look forward to MAO is not easy to appear in a senior black recording MAO is not easy to be a regular customer of major activities, his songs can always resonate, or his song is easy to be immersed in, his scene is completely auditory feast, this time he wore a senior black, straight to the recording site after getting off the look slightly domboyant,Indeed star can have a lot of surface Reese Danny wonhee, are among the three, respectively at different times in recording the scene, although there is no interaction in advance, but there are different kind of tacit understanding, coat is black, like some more advanced, including Reese Danny black cotton-padded jacket and red tiger fleece impact are strongest, own private servers have their own characteristics,I wonder what kind of clothes they will wear on stage?I think it’s going to be the four special staff members of The Atmosphere and if you have to ask who’s hot these days?The answer must be ice Dun Dun and snow Rong Rong, one is the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the other is the mascot of the Paralympic Games. Their design conforms to the public aesthetic, and now it is basically “a pier is hard to find”, only the mascot is too cute!The Yuanxiao party will invite two mascots, but also for the Winter Olympics in addition to ice dun Dun Snow Rong Rong, the other two invited personnel is 004 shengwei Tiger and 005 Shengwei Tiger, tiger tiger shengwei tiger, party and tiger yuan combined in the reasonable, but there are still bright spots, two tigers are too cute,Then created lion dances in tengxian will again be CCTV stage ten years, the first world war the world know, 17 years old Chinese juvenile water lion dance fire abroad, video playback volume breakthrough, foreign friends are good, it will be mounted on the stage of CCTV, according to the traditional culture in lion dance performance show CCTV Lantern Festival party leader Deng Binguang introduction,This program integrates traditional lion dance, plum flower pile performance and modern dance, arranges two lion dance to perform the plum flower pile performance with high standard, high difficulty and high appreciation. There are a large number of performers, estimated to be about 20 people. This is only part of the guest line-up, and the expectations have been filled up.Gong Jun, Liu Yuning, MAO Not easy, Zhou Bichang, Wan Qian, Li Danni, Bing Dundun, Xue Rongrong and so on did the first wave of publicity for the party, and then look forward to the second wave, continue to pay attention to