Attract excellent talents to start a business in Yan Shiyan has collected more than 20,000 college students’ posts

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On April 8, the reporter learned from the municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security that since this year, Shiyan has closely focused on the target task of “100,000 college students stay (return) yan Plan”, and carried out multiple measures to carry out policy publicity, recruitment and retention of talents, employment and entrepreneurship, attracting more college students to stay (return) Yan employment and entrepreneurship.By the end of March, the city had collected 20,232 positions for college students, released 9,628 job information for college students from 805 enterprises, held 46 online and offline special job fairs for college students, and completed the task of retaining (returning) 6,310 people.To attract more excellent talents to shiyan innovation entrepreneurship, shiyan constantly optimize the talent development environment, have issued the “introduction of bo, a graduate student to recognize a number of policy” “shiyan support entrepreneurship of university students’ employment measures” “shiyan ZhaoCaiYinZhi rewards method” “wudang talent card” and so on the policy, provide to weir talent with full life cycle of a service.Shiyan has made great efforts to build the talent and talent attraction brand of “Talent Gathering Shiyan · Wisdom Gathering Qinba” and actively carried out various talent and talent attraction activities to lay a solid foundation for completing the goal of college students staying in Shiyan.Danjiangkou city, Yunyang District, Zhushan County, Zhuxi County, Fangxian County, Maojian District and other counties (cities, districts) combined with the local reality, improve the policy system, launched the “talent policy service package”, strengthen the employment and entrepreneurship support of college students in Yan.Up to now, the whole city has recruited 20,232 posts for college students, including 2,056 posts from 52 municipal units including state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Health Commission and Municipal local Finance Bureau, and 18,176 posts from counties (cities and districts).Announced the introduction of talents, and introduced 1032 master, doctor and high-level talents from all over the country.Through various platforms to release recruitment information for the national college students 805 enterprises 9628 positions.(Qin Chu network reporter Wu Zhongbin correspondent Peng Jun) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: