Tesla is no longer “top” dominant!Chinese car companies are fighting back with tact

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It can be said that Tesla is very strong in the world, the vast majority of new energy vehicles under the dead weight.After entering China, Tesla’s rapid promotion basically did not meet too many difficulties.It may be that Tesla itself has never thought that tesla is leading the way in the international market, but it has begun to meet strong competitors in China. At present, there are three dark horses in the domestic auto market with outstanding achievements, but only one auto company has really competed with Tesla, that is xiaopeng.Said to tesla, we all know that in fact really run a car is the tesla Model 3, the price for this Model is focused on the 20 m, so a lot of independent brand new energy cars take the initiative to get out of the way the price, avoid and tesla positive competition, but not do not believe this evil, xiao peng’s xiao peng P7 is a hard bar and tesla,And don’t fall behind the wind model.The price range of Xiaopeng P7 is 239,900 yuan to 429,900 yuan, which is in line with tesla.In terms of design, the Xiaopeng P7 and Tesla have their own merits, but it is clear that the Xiaopeng P7 is superior in terms of refinement.The split headlamp has a good design aesthetic, and the penetrating LED lamp belt makes the fashion sense of the front face become more prominent, and the recognition is also very high.The side of the car is very smooth, equipped with hidden electric door handles, not only beautiful, but also to reduce the wind resistance coefficient.In addition, xiaopeng P7 is also equipped with 19-inch multiple smoked black hub design, which further pulls the sporty feeling full.As for the tail design, it clearly echoes the front, with the embedded LED lamp belt and the duckling sports tail, all with a fashionable aesthetic.Say one thing, the appearance design of xiaopeng P7 is really very good, and the degree of fine workmanship should also be better.In terms of body data, Xiaopeng P7 is also positioned as a medium-sized car, with length, width and height of 4880/1896/1450mm and wheelbase of 2998mm.Do you know the body numbers of tesla Model 3?Length, width and height are 4694/1850/1443mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2875mm.The body data and wheelbase of both are obviously different.To be honest, the price of the Model 3 is much higher than that of the Xiaopeng P7.Xiaopeng P7, super long endurance intelligent coupe, click for details!Many found the Model 3’s interior, while modest, to have plenty of technology.On the contrary, xiaopeng P7, not only the interior is very beautiful, using the double color of the interior layout, and rigorous workmanship, luxurious interior technology, and technology configuration is also quite strong.If you are a consumer who pursues perfection, I think you may prefer xiaopeng P7.Xiaopeng P carries the design of double suspension large screen, which looks more classy, and the laydown of the central console is more distinct and powerful, coupled with the design of the surrounding cockpit, the overall visual sense is very good, but also carries the leather perforated seat, class has not to say more.It is worth mentioning that Xiaopeng P7 comes from SEPA platform, has automatic driving chip and intelligent service chip, and intelligent dual-screen holding, which enables rapid improvement of data perception and data processing ability, more accurate identification and smoother experience.In addition, OTA upgrade is also carried out for the vehicle, which can not only realize the upgrade and deletion of in-car APP, but also upgrade and adjust the vehicle functions under the control of ECU, so that the new car becomes more and more intelligent and keeps up with The Times.Many people say that tesla is at the heart of intelligent auxiliary driving system, in fact, xiao peng also power group, xiao peng P7 XPILOT 3.0 intelligent auxiliary driving, is truly to adapt to China’s road auxiliary driving system, a good stop, and have memory function of parking, parking lot and intelligent navigation auxiliary function, adaptive cruise system also has a full speed,Adaptive curve cruise system, lane center control, intelligent lane change assistance system, intelligent good.The new car also has automatic parking, which can be parked at night or in tight Spaces.In addition, xiaopeng P7 is also equipped with more than 20 active safety configuration, always remind the driver to pay attention to the distance with the vehicle in front, and when the driver is not operating, can actively intervene, effectively reduce the potential risk.The intelligent configuration of Xiaopeng P7 can also compete with Tesla.Many consumers buy The Tesla Model 3 because of its power performance and think it accelerates very fast, but is that really the case?Let’s make a comparison.We choose the single-motor version. The motor of Xiaopeng P7 has a total power of 196kW, a total torque of 390N·m and a battery energy of 60.2kwh.Tesla Model 3 has a total electric motor power of 194kW, a total torque of 340N·m, and a battery energy of 60kWh.The difference is significant, and the price of the Xiaopeng P7 is 51,000 yuan cheaper than the Tesla Model 3.Of course, Xiaopeng P7 also has performance version, motor total power 316kW, total torque 655N·m, the new car has four seconds to break the good result of 100 acceleration, and has up to 706km of pure electric endurance.Conclusion: Xiaopeng P7 is an all-in-one intelligent new car, the strength is much stronger than Model 3.Over time, The popularity of Xiaopeng P7 will be opened, and Tesla Model 3 will be in more trouble.