I did not see my parents for six years, and finally reconciled with my daughter because she was not my own.

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It has to be said that Wang Lian has a strong ability to adapt to the environment and is a good person.The second day after Wang Lian came here, she got along well with her daughter, Sze.At first, Sage is afraid of her, but he can’t resist the temptation of Wang Lian’s toys.Just play for a while, Think zhe on a grandma’s call, said grandma gave her a particularly good-looking braid, kindergarten students are envious of her.And the clothes that grandma bought for her, Zhe would not take them off.Grandma cooked food for her that Sage had never eaten before.On the third day, Sage asked Wang Lian to pick him up and pick him up.Wang Lian bought a walking stick for Grandma From the shopping mall to help her walk.Later even spent 8,500 yuan, bought a windscreen electric tricycle, hand in hand to teach Sage grandmother to drive, convenient pickup children.Sage’s grandma didn’t accept it at first, saying it was too expensive.But Wang Lian said, “Your son has saved my daughter’s life. It is worth any price!”It was the first time Wang Lian, a rural woman, had spent so much money, and although it hurt, she thought it was worth it.Of course, this money is before Lin Shan out of the thirty thousand travel expenses.Wang Lian also carries tea and pours water with her grandma, and chats with grandma and laughs with grandma.Two old people chasing drama together, chatting, very lively.They knew each other for only two or three days, and they felt as if they had never met before. Grandma Sage was full of praise for Wang Lian.Kelinshan was somewhat disdainful of what Wang Lian had done.She felt that her mother was trying to win over people so that they could be wang Lian’s lobbyists.On the fourth night, when he was getting ready for bed, Sage put his arms around Lin Shan’s head and said softly, “Mom, can you please not let grandma go?When grandma left, I had no one to play with.”Lin Shan sighs slightly and nods to Sage.Besides, Since Lin Shan was promoted to manager of the department, she is very busy with her work and often comes home late.As a result of irregular work and rest, fell stomach pain.Wang Lian saw the clue and got up early every day to prepare food carefully.She is so quick that she can cook a table in no time.So every morning Lin Shan can eat warm meals made by her mother.Wang Lian had to watch her eat before she could do anything else.When she left, she was “forced” to pick up a lunch of love prepared by her mother.Besides, Wang Lian likes to talk after Lin Shan, but she always talks to herself, because Lin Shan is indifferent to her.Lin Shan was reluctant to accept Wang Lian’s overtures at first, thinking they were unreal.It wasn’t until Sze’s grandmother said that Lin Shan should abandon her prejudice against her mother and try to get to know her again that Lin Shan realized that the stereotype of her mother had become ingrained in her.At noon, when She opened her lunch box at work and saw heart-shaped eggs, Lin Shan felt that having her mother didn’t seem so bad.The stomach is warm, the heart seems not so empty.Suddenly Lin Shan mobile phone rings, is the call from Grandma: “Lin Shan, come back quickly, your mother has an accident.””What?!”Lynshan’s mind exploded. She didn’t know how she got down the stairs, but she almost fell.Originally today thought zhe some uncomfortable, noisy do not want to go to the kindergarten.So Wang Lian decided to take her to a nearby playground.While walking on the road, in order to avoid the oncoming truck, he drove a tricycle into the river.Fortunately, Wang Lian has the strength to break the front windshield of the tricycle with her bare hands, and pulls the frightened Sze to stand on the top of the tricycle.But the car kept sinking and the water was almost over her head. Wang Lian lifted Sage over her head to make sure he didn’t get drowned.By the time a good Samaritan rescued them, Sage could not cry and Wang Lian was drowning.Good samaritans were clearing Wang Lian’s airway and performing CPR.Lin Shan, who rushed to the scene in a hurry, couldn’t believe what was happening in front of her, tears could not help falling down…After about five minutes, the man doing CPR took one look at Linshan and shook his head.At that glance, Lin Shan’s heart sank.She shivered and poked her wet mother. “Wang Lian, get up quickly and stop pretending!I know you’ll be all right.”But wang Lian, her face black and blue, lay there quietly, unresponsive.Linshan was not reconciled. She could not accept such a result.She wants the lively Wang Lian who scolds her for her strength.I remember one time, Lin Shan was talking back to Wang Lian when she was in puberty. Wang Lian was so angry that she chased her several blocks away while swearing.So wang Lian, the old peasant lady, was so energetic that nothing would happen to her.So she squatted down close to Wang Lian and gave her artificial respiration with what little first-aid knowledge she had.After two to five consecutive blows, do chest compressions.This was repeated until Lynshan was exhausted.Some people around her could not bear to see it, so they urged Lin Shan to give up. Wang Lian could not be saved.But Lin Shan did not listen. She did not believe that Wang Lian would die so easily.”Wang Lian, open your eyes and look at me.I’m Lynshan, and I’ve forgiven you.”Lin Shan shouted at the top of her lungs, crying out of breath.She had never thought about what would happen if she lost Wang Lian. Although Lin Shan blamed her and complained about her, it was only when she really lay there that Lin Shan knew what the pain was.From childhood to maturity, she internalized all her mother’s bad to her, but forgot her mother’s good to her, the shadow standing at the end of the village at night waiting for her to come home.I also forgot about my mother, the eldest daughter, who had to take care of six or seven younger siblings.Deprived from her childhood, she had never experienced being loved, and naturally did not know how to love her.In fact, Lin Shan had already forgiven her mother for hurting her upbringing, so when the seven-day limit expired, she did not send her mother away, but quietly bought her expensive new clothes.But before she could get it to her mother, she drowned.How could Lynshan possibly accept this fact?”Mother, wake up and don’t leave me!I was wrong. I shouldn’t have been angry with you. ‘”Mom, you get up, let’s go home, I go home with you for the New Year.”Lin Shan was crying and doing chest compressions.Her not giving up moved the people around, we all cheer for Lin Shan.After holding on for forty minutes, Lin Shan finally saw Wang Lian spit out a big saliva.Then my mother slowly opened her eyes.”Good, mom, you scared me to death.”Linshan fell to the ground, laughing and crying, her fingers mopping her face.Wang Lian tried to wipe her tears, but found she was tired and weak.Lin Shan grabbed her mother’s hand and gently pressed it against her face, just as when she was a child, her mother would sing a beautiful song and gently caress her sleeping face…After a while, 120 arrived.Wang Lian was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital for further examination.A few days later, Wang Lian was discharged from hospital and recovered quickly.Later, Lin Shan booked a train ticket, took Sage and grandma, followed Wang Lian back to Shandong, planning to have a happy New Year.