The 3rd day of big year did 4 lung transplanting operation!Doctors admit that lung transplants cannot wait until death

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“In the New Year, I don’t want everyone to come to me for a lung transplant. I hope everyone will stay away from pain and can enjoy life healthily and happily.”On the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, Professor Chen Jingyu, a lung transplant expert, director of jiangsu Lung Transplant Center of Wuxi People’s Hospital, and deputy director of the Lung Transplant Center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, made a belated New Year greeting video outside the operating room after finishing the lung transplant operation for two days.Chen Jingyu walks out of the operating room.From the third day of the Chinese New Year to the early morning of the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, Chen jingyu said his wuxi and Zhejiang two-lung transplant team completed four lung transplants.In the video, he reminisce about his 20 years of clinical lung transplant work after returning from Canada in 2002.”This year has also been an extraordinary year for me.When I returned from Canada in 2002, I clearly remember having my first lung transplant on September 28, 2002.September 28 this year marks a milestone in my 20 years of clinical lung transplantation.”Chen jingyu said that during his 20 years of clinical lung transplantation, he has performed about 1,500 lung transplants himself, and in 2021, he will perform more than 200 lung transplants himself.There is no precedent in the world for individual doctors to perform more than 200 lung transplants a year, but Chen did it, which he attributed to the large number of lung transplant patients and charitable donations in China.At present, with the gradual maturity of China’s charity organ donation system, there are about 5000 cases of charity donation every year, which also makes the utilization rate of lung increasingly high.More than 760 lung transplants were performed nationwide last year, and an even bigger increase is expected this year.At the same time, he also warned patients and their families that they should not wait until they are critically ill to seek lung transplant treatment, otherwise the success rate of the operation will be reduced, the cost will increase, and they may even die due to lack of a donor.”Lung transplant patients should come in for a lung transplant evaluation as soon as possible so that they are in better physical condition for the transplant.”Referring to his New Year’s resolutions, he said he hopes lung transplant teams around the country will become more and more mature.Personally, I hope I can slow down and enjoy life while working in the year of the Tiger.(Beam edge) (Operation: Sun Huan)