Network audio-visual ceremony: 8 platform big party, Yang Yang Di Reba sa sugar, Xiao Zhan program was cut

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| roast entertainment just after the Spring Festival gala infighting, February 2 (year 2) ushered in the later, the entertainment industry a big event, the 2022 China Internet audio-visual annual awards.The theme song “Chinese Dream · My Dream” has attracted wide attention after it was broadcast online on various online platforms. Many artists including Huang Jue, Yang Yang, Dilreba, Yang Mi, Xiao Zhan, Ren Jialun, Jin Chen, INTO1 and 303 Hard Candy Girl participated in the theme song singing.The 2022 Online Audiovisual Festival is jointly held by eight major platforms, and “Aiyouteng Mang, Doukuaibi” has come.7 major platforms broadcast simultaneously, the ceremony host also has 7, in addition to Migu video, each platform has sent the master of the host, Yang Gen, Wang Cong, Zhang Chunye, Qi Sijun, Huang Minghao, Lian Bo and Wang Hanzhe represented their platform to attend the ceremony.Mango sent Qi Sijun, he in Hunan SATELLITE TV’s major parties have wonderful play, has become he Jiong and Wang Han’s successor, the whole party typhoon atmosphere calm, in the 7 hosts more eye-catching, give Mango long face.As pants take charge of host, Wang Cong also naturally on behalf of pants to fight, Jiangsu TV take charge of actress Zhang Chunye on behalf of goose as host.In addition to sending hosts, major platforms also focus on promoting their own TV drama stars, guests of variety shows and artists who have deep cooperation with them.The whole gala lineup is quite luxurious, a lot of popular artists appear, the influence and attention of the degree of no less than any Spring Festival Gala.All the programs and performers are recommended by the eight platforms, so the activity can also be said to be a party of the eight platforms, each of them took out the bottom of the box dry goods, great PK each taste.The brothers and sisters of the big fire, who appeared in mango’s variety show “The Brother who Cut through the Thorns” and “The brother who cut through the Thorns”, also represented Mango this time.Zhang Jin, Lee Seung-hyun, Jin Chen and other brothers and sisters dream linked, fusion singing, jumping, rap and other forms of performance of the opening show “China” strength blast field.Zhang Zhilin, Chen Xiaochun, Lin Xiaofeng, Liang Hanwen and the Youth representatives of the Greater Bay Area sang “We Are All Dreamers”, bringing Zhao Zhao and the Symphony Orchestra to the stage. You can always trust mango’s stage.Goose home side also not to be outdone, two big idol groups INTO1 and hard candy girl 303 with the frame to deduce the new fashion of national tide, “mountain and sea feelings” actor representative Huang Jue, heat yiza brought scene music reciting “mountain and sea feelings”.Li Dan, Ma Boqian and others used the scene talk show to convey warm power, Yue Yunpeng, Sun Yue brought crosstalk “Funny stick Spring Festival couplets”, MAO Not easy a song “Ordinary Day” to pay tribute to medical workers.Trousers home push “this is street dance” “chasing light” “Mahua happy” and other popular variety, Han Yu, Yang Kai and other excellent dancers to bring dance show, Hu Xia brought the song “chasing light”, Xiao Shunyao new interpretation of the song “197653”, Shen, Ma Li, Alan and other happy mahua members brought the scene to sing “love each other”.Taojia with a number of high-quality content actors attended the ceremony, such as “Taoyu”, “Zhou Sheng as ever” and “Wind luoyang”, Meng Ran sang inspirational song “Young”, Guo Qilin, Song Yi with the same frame adapted the song “Water Tune Song Head”, Huang Xuan, Song Qian brought poetry recital and costume performance, Ren Jialun sang the traditional music “Like”.Hot artists together with 8 big platforms to invite all artists together to support the front, such a grand scene in the entertainment circle is really rare, so the entire network annual ceremony of the guest lineup can use luxury to describe, a line of popular artists together appear, the performing arts lineup not lose any grand party and activities in the entertainment circle.A “You are My Glory” ignited the audience’s space dream, Yang Yang, Dileba this pair of screen CP has become the white moonlight in many people’s hearts.The network ceremony, Yang Yang, Dilieba with the frame and spaceflight personnel interaction, “You are my glory” the extras continue to perform.Yang Yang, Dili reba cooperation to bring the song “fireworks and stars”, in the XR technology to create a romantic universe space, the glory of the couple’s sale later, two people on the stage tacit understanding feeling is full, each other smile sweet overflow screen.Yang Yang, Dili reba’s sense of CP is really too strong, who can not help but knock, if there is a hand on the stage is perfect.Zhang Yixing brings the “Flying Apsaras” song and dance show to achieve the perfect integration of “art + technology” through sound and optical effects.Zhang Yixing has always been committed to spreading traditional culture, and the show organically combines traditional cultural elements with science fiction elements to bring audiences the double enjoyment of audio-visual.Zhu Yilong with a “farewell” to pay tribute to the martyrs, the song gentle poke people, before and after the song two paragraph of narration to join just right, sonorous and powerful words, strong lines.Zhu Yilong has a peaceful and peaceful face, handsome and positive, whether singing or reciting have a strong sense of substitution, the whole program also see people’s blood boiling.In addition, CAI Xukun and Black Panther performed Don’t Break My Heart, Zhou Shen’s A Good Life is a Good Life, and Li Yuchun brought the audience a feast with shu Embroidery.Xiao Zhan has been keeping a low profile in 2022 after various disturbances. The sudden withdrawal of his leading role in “Ask for More Advice for the Rest of My Life” has sparked speculation, and he has also been absent from major New Year’s Eve concerts, CCTV Spring Festival Gala, SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala and other major events.For fans of Xiao Zhan, they also want their favorite idol to have more camera exposure.Fortunately, Xiao Zhan participated in the 2022 Network Audiovisual annual ceremony on behalf of taojia, not only singing the theme song with the stars, but also singing on stage with the cast of “Ace of Trumps”.Taojia official weibo posted a notice, and there are Reuters photos of Xiao zhan participating in the red carpet and rehearsals on the Internet, and fans’ expectations are also full.Surprisingly, Xiao zhan’s name was not on the official program list for the 2022 Online Audio-visual Festival.The red carpet for the rest of the show’s cast was kept, but Xiao zhan’s red carpet segment was cut and his solo performance was eliminated, leaving only a promotional video for the chorus, which sparked heated debate online.No official explanation was given as to why Xiao zhan’s show was taken down.However, the official release of the theme song that Xiao Zhan participated in singing, but the red carpet was directly deleted, which is also hard to avoid suspicion.There is no need to read too much into the act, netizens said, noting that TV shows related to “Army Ace,” “Who’s the Murderer,” and “Black Sweep” have also been cut, probably because of the subject matter.One thing is for sure, Xiao’s absence will have a big impact on the discussion and spread of the event, and those fans glued to their screens waiting for the red carpet segment will be disappointed.What do you have to say about the 2022 Online Audiovisual Festival?