Ministry of Education: strengthen the education of Chinese nation community consciousness in schools

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The Ministry of Education (MOE) has released the key points of work for 2022 on its official website, in terms of strengthening the education of building a sense of community of the Chinese nation in schools, and promoting the close integration of the education of building a sense of community of the Chinese nation with moral education in primary and secondary schools and ideological and political work in colleges and universities.Further improve the accuracy and compatibility of special plans of various ethnic classes.Continue to implement the xinjiang Class Xizang class campus football integration competition.Carry out “group type” aid Xinjiang education talent selection work.Strengthen the construction and management of the research base for the consciousness of the Chinese nation community together with relevant departments.▲ Screenshots of key points of the Ministry of Education’s work in 2022.The Ministry of Education has made it clear that the popularization and quality of the standard Chinese language will be improved.To formulate a national language development plan.We will implement the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of The State’s Spoken and Written Languages.We implemented the project to make the standard Spoken and written Chinese language widely available and the rural revitalization plan, and guided provinces and autonomous regions whose Putonghua penetration rate was lower than the national average to implement the “one local, one policy.”Efforts will be made to popularize the standard Spoken and written Chinese language in ethnic minority areas, promote putonghua education among preschool children, and implement demonstration training programs for the standard spoken and written Chinese language.We carried forward the fine Chinese language and culture, carried out the Classics Recitation project, the ancient characters and Chinese civilization inheritance and development project, the Chinese ideological and cultural terms dissemination project, and the Chinese language resources protection project, and successfully held the fourth Chinese Classics Recitation, writing and Presentation Competition.The Ministry of Education proposed to promote rural education revitalization and education revitalization of rural work.We will develop guiding documents for rural vitalization through education, and integrate basic education at the county level, vocational education at the municipal level, and higher education at the provincial level, so as to form a work method for rural vitalization that has educational characteristics and gives full play to the advantages of education.We will integrate rural education into rural construction efforts and better play the role of rural primary and secondary schools as educational and cultural centers.We will expand the silver Age plan for primary and secondary schools.We will work with relevant departments to assist in the construction of “August 1 School for the People”, and do a good job in pairing up with middle and high schools in key counties for national rural revitalization.We will improve the special plan for teachers under the “Three Districts” talent support plan, and guide the flow of talents to poverty-stricken areas and grassroots areas.In 2022, the Ministry of Education will also carry out a key action to revitalize higher education in the central and western Regions in the new era, create a “Western Triangle” for the development of higher education in the central and western Regions, implement the “MoOCs Travel plan 2.0”, carry out targeted support for universities in the western regions, and further implement the plan to support senior university teachers in the western regions.We will implement a targeted training program for outstanding teachers from underdeveloped central and western regions.Edited and produced by gansu Provincial Ethnic Affairs Committee Publicity Department