Composition evaluation must use good “five rulers”, in order to make students writing icing on the cake interest

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Good article is changed out!But we often ignore it, see light it, or become a mere formality, deal with the matter, which is the main factor restricting the improvement of composition level.In composition teaching, the form of evaluation and correction is single, and the evaluation and correction process is occluded.In order to improve the teaching level of students’ composition, we must start from the evaluation of composition and make the evaluation of composition more rulers.1, with good “self-evaluation since the ruler”, your composition you master.A good composition is corrected.Let students know the significance of their own evaluation, and then teach students the method of evaluation, so that they will be happy to change, good change, will change their own exercises.Teachers should timely guide students to learn to read and revise.Repeatedly add, delete, change, change, deliberate words, read exercises, and give their own exercises to make an evaluation, write comments in this process, and then give students the method of evaluation, skills and modify symbols, so that students learn to modify, learn to evaluate, with their own views of their own exercises.Take the “mutual evaluation and change the ruler” of other mountains, can attack jade.On the basis of self-correction, students should also be trained to evaluate each other, learn from each other, promote mutual understanding and cooperation, and jointly improve the level of exercises.In the process of mutual evaluation and revision, students are equal, psychologically balanced and unfettered. They are both “authors” and readers.In the mutual reform of mutual communication and mutual inspiration, learn to cooperate, learn to communicate, active thinking, help to cultivate creative thinking.Because in the process of reviewing and evaluating others’ work creatively, they find out the confusion and deficiency in their own work, and then turn back to correct their own work, absorb the essence of others, abandon their own dross, and enhance their confidence.In this process, students take the initiative to read, appreciate and study others’ work.Through mutual modification, students can timely find the shortcomings and faults in others’ exercises, find out the inappropriate use of words, inaccurate expression of sentences, not specific and so on. As long as they can feel doubts, they will find out and modify them.Although it is often controversial, the children enjoy it.3. Do a good job in “teacher evaluation ruler” and respect students’ writing wishes.Teachers should give priority to encouragement when reviewing students’ exercises, forbid cutting and deleting randomly, try to keep the original taste, and be willing to accept students’ opinions.Look at the student’s work with appreciation and development, and find the bright spots, even if a good word or a good punctuation mark is correctly used, should be appreciated.In this way, students will not be afraid of the exercise, we will find the rich personality of the exercise.4, set up the “parents evaluation ruler”, share the joy of children’s success.Parents are very interested in their children’s exercises, they want to know what their children think, what they write!If they can objectively and notarized evaluation of children’s exercises, it is more conducive to children to establish confidence in exercises.Often guide children to complete exercises, to read to their parents, listen to their parents’ opinions and evaluation, so that parents give their opinions to communicate, exchange, more conducive to the improvement of the level of exercises.5. Do not forget the ruler of “write after reading”, so that reading and writing are closely combined.Guide students to write a composition postscript, write their own gains and losses in this composition, the teacher comments on the speech, from others to learn the good words, good sentences, etc.Also can let the student collect the model essay (oneself make anthology), causes the student to learn to accumulate, precipitates stimulates the composition interest, lets the writing interest to be able to sublimate the extension.There will often be teachers who have to be serious and busy, commenting on a long paragraph, but it is not effective.To know that only up to verify the teacher, composition teaching is seriously in place, and most students even too lazy to look at the comments, composition teaching has become a “pool of backwater”, can not afford to lift the waves of students’ feelings.To use a good composition evaluation of the five rulers, tell students the role of repeated deliberation and modification, so that students understand that when writing articles carefully pour slowly, will be able to write the most outstanding composition.