Zhang Jiao early ascend AG bishop, jiu Cheng immediately substitute, after the first win in spring revealed the real reason

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I believe that now THE AG super game will end the 26 defeat, got the KPL spring game first win of the news we have heard it.This time AG can be really a snow before shame ah, because of the reason of the previous autumn game, AG super play will even once be scolded by their own fans, now can be considered to find the field.But behind this first win, there was a trick.Zhang Jiao became the head coach of AG Super Game in this transfer period, which is also a promotion for this team, after all, the previous Moonlight coach was not particularly supported by everyone, and did not play any good results.But shortly after Zhang jiao became the head coach, just before the start of the spring season, two major events suddenly happened, respectively, The dream tears from the AG super game, the roster, and one is kucheng is not starting.Dream tears out of the roster at that time heat is too high, direct the jiu Cheng is not in the first part of the news to cover up.It’s easy to explain why Teartears quit the list, because he can’t play in KPL anymore, he’s retired, he’s old, so fans don’t have any more questions than regrets.But long sincere not in the first can not be the same, in the last autumn game AG flagging, is long sincere all the way with the whole team stumbled, slowly keep some of the ranking, and finally even long sincere in the belt fly, but now said not to the first will not give the first, is not a little unfair.Zhang Jiao did not give an explanation at that time, but said that internal arrangements so hastily put the laugh back, let him as the first.At that time some jiu Cheng fans are very upset, absolutely with what ah, but also said that without jiu Cheng, the first battle of the spring game must be lost, but as far as the current situation, this sentence did not come true.AG won very beautiful, it seems that the smile is not worse than long cheng.After the end of the game, Zhang Jiao gave the explanation why not let jiu Cheng play, said jiu cheng and the team between the run-in degree is not enough.Or a smile is more comfortable.In fact, this answer is not credible, the real reason is hidden.I do not know if you have heard, zhang Jiao and long zhe that is a famous sweep city brigade, these two are not particularly like long honesty, and there are certain contradictions.This is one, the other is long honesty is not what running-in degree is not enough, but he is really not popular, remember before he and AG members played the ranking are not pulling people, this is the problem.Personal opinion: So, the problems are all for a reason, but at present, the joke is the first.For a long time to sit commentary actually very good.It can also rally votes for the AG, although the AG is not short of popularity.Jiu Cheng has a long way to go, especially after Zhang Jiao came over as head coach.