What is the price limitation of UPS express to Japan?International logistics price reference

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On the one hand, it can let you know the UPS service and tariff level, on the other hand, it can let you know the UPS shipping restrictions, so that you can know which items can be mailed, which items can not be mailed.1, UPS express freight to Japan includes goods freight, fuel surcharge, weight of 0.5kg items to Japan, UPS total freight is 70.83 yuan;The total UPS freight for 1kg goods arriving in Japan is 77.01 yuan;For 1.5kg goods arriving in Japan, the total UPS freight is 101.59 yuan;Items weighing 2kg arrive in Japan at 117.9 yuan.The total UPS freight for 3kg goods arriving in Japan is 137.94 yuan;The total freight for items weighing 5kg arriving in Japan is 212.2 yuan.The above freight and fuel charges are based on the forwarder’s price list dated March 09, 2021.Due to the price fluctuation of express delivery, air transport and other logistics methods, the actual delivery of goods is still subject to the latest price list of freight forwarders.2, UPS express to Japan aging fast UPS express, arrived in Japan the aging of blue note 2-5 days due, red note 1-3 days due.3, UPS express channel limit weight limit: UPS express has obvious weight limit, exceeding a certain weight segment may restrict mailing or pay the corresponding surcharge, the weight limit of a single package is 68kg.Item restrictions: UPS express has obvious item restrictions, supporting built-in electricity, supporting electricity and other items, special UPS express channels support pure battery, liquid, paste, imitation brand and other items.Refuse to deliver inflammable and explosive articles, guns and ammunition, currencies and coins of various countries.Size restriction: No delivery of goods over 300 cm in circumference.Remote areas: UPS has remote areas, if you deliver the goods to a remote address, you need to pay the corresponding remote area surcharge.4. UPS channels in Hong Kong: including Hong Kong UPS Red Order, Hong Kong UPS Small Price, Hong Kong UPS-520, Hong Kong UPS Red Order -6000, Hong Kong UPS Priority and other express channels.UPS Hong Kong red sheet, the most common UPS red sheet channel, starts from Hong Kong and flies directly to foreign countries, reaching more than 220 countries.Hong Kong UPS small price, weight less than 5kg goods price is the best.Hong Kong UPS-520, the best price in the weight range of 5kg-10kg.Hong Kong UPS red mono-6000, volume weight divided by /6000, volume weight calculation is smaller.Hong Kong UPS priority, priority shipping channels, logistics season does not row warehouse.Apart from UPS channels in Hong Kong, there are also UPS channels in mainland China, mainly including SHENZHEN UPS and Mainland UPS.Shenzhen UPS, from shenzhen installation, faster delivery, goods without transit.UPS express in Mainland China, starting from guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, uses UPS express resources in mainland China to carry out freight, which has better channel stability.(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view)