The China-Europe freight train runs hard in the Year of the Tiger

2022-07-01 0 By

On February 2, 4 in the morning when the 4 points, marshalling 50, carrying 825 tonnes of wuhan and hubei region enterprise production of electronic products, auto parts, epidemic prevention materials and other goods X8015 train from wuhan bureau of China railway group co., LTD. Han west train operation depot wujiashan station security, classics HanDanXian, jiaozuo-liuzhou line operation, by ala shan kou, to duisburg, Germany.This is the first China-Europe freight train to depart from Wuhan in the year of Yin and Tiger in the Lunar calendar.In recent years, China-Europe freight trains have been actively implementing the “going global” strategy. Since 2019, they have returned to China, with the full load rate and heavy container rate basically reaching 100%. Kazakhstan leads the country in the number of special trains for wheat and Central Asian ferroalloy.Relying on the policy advantages of the pilot Free Trade Zone, The China-Europe Freight trains have innovated the modes of “bonded and export”, “ship-to-vehicle direct delivery” and “Hammak all-way multimodal transport” to continuously improve operational efficiency and shorten the time of cargo in port.As we all know, the preferential price enables the China-Europe freight train to attract more goods.The categories of goods transported by China-Europe freight trains have gradually expanded from mobile phones, computers and other IT products to clothing, shoes and hats, automobiles and accessories, grain, wine, coffee beans, wood, furniture, chemicals, machinery and equipment.In particular, the daily small commodities from Yiwu to Madrid, Spain, whose sales network covers most of Europe, make Madrid become the distribution center of yiwu small commodities.In the future, there will be more varieties of goods source for China-Europe freight train as e-commerce parcel goods source will be available.Driven by new routes, new services and new modes, the China-Europe Freight Trains will serve as a model and benchmark for the new Eurasian Land Bridge land-sea combined transport in 2021.Initial year of the tiger, we believe that the future of china-eu trains will increase the supply of goods import and export and transit development efforts, and actively expand the central equipment inputs such as special box, flat wagon trains, to build compatible with all the way “area” construction of railway transport system, continue to establish central trains to become internationally competitive international famous logistics brand.Liu (China)