Shenzhen colleagues food | coconut chicken: four seasons ranked first a little far-fetched

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A year ago, we had dinner with friends. We all wanted something light, so we chose coconut chicken.In some evaluation, I chose the no.1 tongren four seasons (Che Gong Temple shop).Environmental restaurant lighting is very dark, take photos are a group of black that dark;Although it was a music restaurant, there was no live singer that night, and the music was too loud for us to chat with friends by Shouting, which was not suitable for eating while chatting…The dip was already made, and we ordered a set for four, 398.The signature of original Coconut Chicken, the chicken is tender and the soup is sweet and fresh, but the overall taste is not stunning.Two of my friends who eat coconut chicken regularly think it’s a bit of a misnomer…Clay Pot rice with preserved meat is disappointing!Although a large pot is sufficient, but the taste is really not as good as the general Cantonese restaurant, we eat a few bites have given up.Boneless chicken feet sour and spicy meat is very thick, the taste is general.Chaoshan pulp is slightly sweet + slightly salty taste, crisp and tender, children like it very much.The signature shrimp is smooth and smooth, which is not bad.The Emperor’s dish, which we all agreed was the best, was fresh and tender, and there was nothing left!No one ate lunch meat. It hurts to waste it.Pearl horseshoes The tiny horseshoes are lovely, but the taste is average and not sweet.‼️ we all drank a lot of coconut soup, didn’t feel what at the beginning, after coming home, found that special thirsty, drank a lot of water, ask friends are so,What specific reason, I don’t know the ~ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — my colleagues of the four seasons (che) store futian district che poised and nine crown road park ten acres first from che 1/7/9/11 line subway station C mouth walk 530 m operating 22:00 at 10:00 – # # # shenzhen food  shenzhenHeadlines # # #  shenzhen agent shop  shenzhen food agent shop | | shenzhen shenzhen coconut chicken food recommendation | | shenzhen go | shenzhen beer and skittles weekend