Pre-increase limit nearly twice!Ningde times annual performance exceed institutional expectations Q4 net profit to the sum of the first three quarters

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Source: Financial Union “Kechuang Board Daily” (Shanghai, editor Song Ziqiao) news, today (January 27) after the plate, Ningde times announcement, is expected to 2021 net profit of 14 billion yuan – 16.5 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 150.75%-195.52%, far beyond market expectations.According to the science and Technology Innovation Board Daily’s incomplete statistics, ningde Times’ net profit last year was estimated to be between 10 billion yuan and 13 billion yuan.From the single quarter performance, Ningde times 2021 Q4 net profit is expected to 6.249 billion yuan – 8.749 billion yuan, equivalent to the total net profit in the first three quarters of 2021 (7.75 billion yuan), a sequential growth of 91%-167%.Ningde times said that the reasons for the pre-increase are: in 2021, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles and energy storage market will increase, driving the growth of battery sales;Market development progress, new capacity release, production and sales increased accordingly;The company strengthened cost control and reduced the proportion of expenses in revenue.Today is also the first day of the listing of LG Energy, a rival of The Yongdeok Era.In terms of production capacity, Ningde Times is far ahead of LG Energy.Yuan Jiancong, an analyst with Citic Securities, expects Ningde Times to have a capacity of about 800GWh and LG Energy about 450GWh by 2025.The analyst also expects ningde Times’ total production capacity to be about 235GWh by the end of 2021, which is consistent with the forecast of Zeng Duohong, an analyst at Soochow Securities, who said Ningde Times’ production capacity will reach 220-240GWh by the end of 2021 and is expected to exceed 400GWh by the end of 2022, with annual effective shipment capacity reaching 300GWh.Domestic, lithium battery head manufacturers, only Ningde times, yiwei lithium can forecast 2021 performance, the latter is obviously inferior: Yiwei lithium in 2021 net profit pre-increase 65%-85%, according to the calculation, Q4 net profit sequential change -29% to 16%.